Thursday, August 4, 2011

The beginning...

In another life, I was homeschooled. This was after a month at the public high school. I told my mom I was either going to be a high school drop out or she was going to have to homeschool me. When she realized I was serious, she withdrew me. I stayed home for 2 years, did my lessons in the morning or evening and worked as a mother's helper the rest of the day. I got involved at church and made friends there and became much more comfortable with who I was. By choice, I went back to public school my junior year.

In another another life, I was a teacher. I have always loved kids, and wanted to teach preschool. Due to some extreme miscommunications, I found myself in the secondary education program at RU with very few options to graduate on time unless I continued on that path. I chinned-up, so to speak, and found that I really enjoyed the challenge.

And found that I never ever want to send my kids to public school. EVER.

I taught at good schools but teachers are so pigeon-holed by standards and curriculum and school politics and political correctness that the needs of individual students are hard to meet. And teacher creativity is often stifled by time, energy, and those constraints I already mentioned.

Besides all that, there is, of course, my concern with the way society is going. I loved my students and I saw the things they were struggling with outside of the classroom. I know you cannot, nor do we want to shelter our children unhealthily, but there is something to be said for parents having some control over who their kids spend time with and what they are being taught 6 hours a day.

Now, I am the proud mama of 2 sweet babies, a toddler and a newborn, and am looking forward to using my background in homeschooling and teaching to raise our boys and their future siblings (Yes, with a newborn I am still talking about future siblings! Will wonders never cease?!) in a loving, safe, Christian, educational, stimulating environment.

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