Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun with Shapes and Colors

This is actually the first thing I started working on when I decided we were going to work on shapes and colors as our first homeschooling unit. It took me several days to cut out the shapes, label them, and cover them with contact paper. They were all done last weekend, so we gave them to Boogie Sunday morning (August 7th).


* Colored paper (I used construction because it is cheapest)
* Contact paper (or personal laminator)
* Scissors
* Markers or crayons
* Measuring tools (ruler, compass, etc. I used a lid for the circle and quilting tools for the square and triangle)


* Decide what size and color you want to make your shapes (4 inches was the measurement I worked from). I used the 10 colors from our Dr. Seuss Colors and Shapes poster. Also decide what shapes you want to teach. I chose circles, squares, and triangles to start with.
* Cut out your shapes, then label them on one side with the name of the shape and on the other side with the color that shape is.
* Laminate/use contact paper to strengthen your shapes then cut them out again.
* Give them to your child to sort and count together


This tool teaches colors, shapes, counting, letters (when your child is older), and sorting.

Plan in action:

Boogie watched me measure, cut, label, cover, and cut these again while he sat for snacks or did other activities over several days. He was so excited when he could finally play with them. I started with the circles on August 4th and told him what I was doing. By the next day he could say "circa" and he would point at circles around our house. He is incredibly proud of himself, and prefers the circles to every other shape. We gave him all 30 shapes when they were done and just sat with him telling him the color and shape of the ones he picked up. We would also ask him if he could find the blue ones or could he find a triangle. He loves these shapes and this is another tool he will point to his cabinet and ask for.

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