Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tot School- More fun with shapes!

**Boogie is 22 months old**

Boogie has a shapes puzzle and a shapes book that I pulled out to look at with him on Tuesday (August 9th). I was telling him the names of the shapes as he was putting them in and taking them out of the puzzle. When we got to the diamond, he started doing the hand motions for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" because of the line "like a diamond in the sky", which I thought was a pretty neat connection.

The first time I read the book to him alongside the puzzle, he got very excited about the diamond shape again because it is the same size and color in the book as in the puzzle. So we put the piece on top of the picture. Then, we turned to the rectangle page. I told him it was a rectangle and asked if he could find the rectangle in the puzzle. He took out the rectangle puzzle piece and put it on top of the rectangle in the book! He is really good at matching and it is fun to see him starting to understand new things about books or toys that we already had. His shape sorter is another toy that is getting a lot of intentional use lately, and he can do all 10 pieces extremely fast, but usually he waits and wants me to tell him the name and color of the shape as he is putting it in.

I am really pleased with how interested he is in learning new things in new ways each day. And it is nice to see his understanding grow, like when he correctly points out a circle, or matches 2 diamonds together!

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