Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just for Fun- Painting with Water

I am fortunate enough to have a) a lot of friends with children Boogie's age and b) a lot of friends considering or doing homeschooling. This is something a friend of mine mentioned and I really like it because it is easy to set up and clean up, as well as using materials most parents probably already have. We tried this for the first time on August 4th and have not come back to it yet.


* Water
* paint brush
* construction paper
* shallow container or container with a small hole


* Put a small amount of water in container (I used a take and toss cup with a straw hole)
* Show child how to dip brush in container to get it wet than "paint" with the water on the paper.


This activity teaches fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It could teach shapes if you paint specific shapes on the paper. You could also talk about the color of the paint brush, paper, and container.

Plan in action:

Boogie thought the paint brush should be a straw because the water was in one of his cups so he kept trying to drink out of it. He tried to use the brush upside down most of the time. In case you can't tell, this is his first experience with a paint brush. He also managed to dump a fair amount of the water on himself and the paper even through the tiny straw hole. We did get a few doodles but I think we will have to repeat this activity with more modeling from me a few times before he gets it. And use a different container.

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