Thursday, August 11, 2011

Puff Ball Counting, Sorting and Colors

We tried this activity for the first time also on August 4th (I usually like to just introduce one new activity a day but it didn't work out that way that day) and Boogie has asked for the balls just about every day since then. I found this on "Mama Jenn's" blog. She has a ton of great ways to keep toddlers entertained and learning at the same time. Her little boys especially do a lot of different things with puff balls. This is the first way I have used them with Boogie.


* A bag of colored puff balls. (I got an assorted color pack of 50 in the largest size they had at Michaels so that they would be easier to find when Boogie inevitably threw them everywhere)
* A muffin tin


* Model sorting the puffs by color into the different openings of the muffin tin. Say which color each puff is as you place it.
* Count how many puffs you have of each color.
* Ask your tot to find a specific color for you. Or pick up a puff and ask what color it is if they are speaking well enough to respond.
* Dump them all out and do it again!


This activity teaches colors, counting, and sorting.

Plan in action:

Boogie LOVES balls, and LOVES putting things into containers and dumping them out again. This was heaven for him. There were a couple times when he would pick up the correct color when asked or he would put two of the right color together, but mostly he yelled "BALL!" and threw them around. It was a texture he hadn't experienced before in a ball so he was just really enjoying himself, which is the whole point of learning! Since then, we have used the muffin tin and puff balls in the playroom as well, where he loves throwing them all around, putting them haphazardly back in the muffin tin, dumping them out, then throwing them all around again. We are trying to practice cleaning up consistently these days, so I tried saying "let's put all the green balls back in the tin now" but he was more interested in stuffing the puffs into other things around the playroom. We don't have 50 anymore but that is why I got the biggest bag I could find!


  1. Wow, those are big puff balls! I've also seen someone somewhere (maybe the 1plus1 blog?) attach magnets to the puff balls and try to get them in the right spots with a cookie sheet behind it. Glad he had fun!

  2. I think maybe the Mama Jenn blog talks about the magnets? I will have to see how she attached them. That sounds like fun!


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