Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Felt Board- Pixar Cars, Adam and Eve

I really enjoy changing the medium of learning for my Boogie whenever possible and expanding on his interests, hence the Cars felt board pieces, and now, the Adam and Eve story set. I thought I would share my sets as I make them to give you all inspiration and make it easier for you to find the information I had to search for.

So here is a close up of what the Cars set looks like.

I google searched for the 16 main characters. I do not have or know how to use a fancy program, so I just made them all about the right sizes is a Word document. I have it as a Word document and a PDF if you are interested! I printed them out, used contact paper on both sides, cut them out, then put a small piece of rough sandpaper on the back so they would hold to the felt. Boogie has a book we got from Costco, which highlights Boost, Wingo, DJ, and Snot Rod, so I am considering adding them as well. I had to do some fancy work on the Mack truck when Boogie discovered Lightning couldn't go inside.

I just printed out another copy of Mack, cut out the back of the truck, laminated it, used packing tape as a hinge, velcro to close it on the bottom, and put some felt inside so Lightning would stay there.

Last night I finished the Adam and Eve set for our Bible story of the week. To go along with our A theme, specifically apples.

Here is the set in pieces:

I decided I didn't want to make new characters for every story every week. Making accessories would be more fun for Boogie and easier for me. I used the cricut paper doll template for the people. I made the hair myself (which is why the hair is so strange! I need more practice) out of colored cardstock. The googly eyes are from Walmart and I love them. I debated whether or not to use them and am so glad I did. Everything is laminated with my new Scotch laminator. I got the snake and apple from here, the clothes from here and the tree from here. Why didn't I use one of the complete sets I found, you ask? I honestly don't know! I just pictured something different, so I put it together myself. More work, yes. More satisfying, yes. This is what I was aiming to do with Adam and Eve initially, but couldn't find the picture when I went looking for it, of course.

We did a sitting down felt board Bible story time for the first time this morning and it went really really well! So did calendar time today (yesterday is another story).

One thing I love about being a SAHM and homeschooling is how much I learn about my little Boogie all day long and the fact that I have to adapt quickly based on what he does and doesn't like. It is such an interesting challenge. Like with the Mack truck and Lightning McQueen. Or today, he was trying to stick the apple back on the apple tree, so I put felt apples over the outlines that were originally there. The apple has sandpaper on the back so it now sticks to the felt apples on the tree. He will be very pleased next time he sees it :)

It might look like a lot of work, and it is. But there are so many wonderful blogs out there that I get my ideas or activities from, that I hope putting my ideas together in one place will help someone too.

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