Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just for Fun- Leaf Rubbings

Next year especially, but even starting now, I am going to not be such a stickler for going through the alphabet in order. I think Boogie would have had a lot of fun doing 4 weeks of fall and seasonal activities. Not that he isn't enjoying what we are doing, but some things are best in season. I think next fall we will do a week of apples (which we did this year already), a week of leaves, a week of pumpkins (this upcoming week), and a week of Halloween-themed fun.

Today, because Bam Bam was sleeping and Boogie was restless, we went outside and collected some leaves to do leaf rubbings!

Step 1: Choose the perfect leaves.

Step 2:  Take the paper off fall colored crayons. Color on leaves. Put leaves on top of paper. Put leaves under paper. Break crayons. Use multiple crayons at once. Make piles of leaves. Drop crayons on floor. Eventually get around to rubbing the leaves with Mama's help and realize it is pretty cool!

Step 3: I wanted to keep Boogie's first leaves as a special memory, so to the laminator we went!

Step 4: Check out our finished work.

Boogie used it as a place mat when he had lunch and really enjoyed looking at it while he was eating :)

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