Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tot School October 1 to October 10- the letter C (cars, cats, caterpillars)

**Boogie is 24 months old**

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October has been very busy for us in a very good way, with Boogie's 2nd birthday. He has been very busy with his new things, like this...

his gift from us. So convincing him to sit at the boring kitchen table to do something (including eat) when there is an awesome train table in the playroom has not been easy. We have managed to squeeze in some fun C activities though :)

Tot School

Here are our shelves for the letter C.

 I made a C is for cat tracing worksheet for his dry erase center, but later replaced it with one I liked better from the cats preschool pack Carisa at 1+1+1=1 made. 

On the top shelf, is his color wheel and clothespins to clip on to the matching colors (how do you like all those c's?!). I left out the animal memory matching cards because we were still doing Noah's Ark. On the right I made him pom pom caterpillars with 1-10 bumps to match with counting cards from 1-10. The caterpillars are threaded on a piece of embroidery floss that is knotted on both ends. I hot glued googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae on their heads.

The left middle shelf has the play dough with C, 3, cat, car, and circle cookie cutters. The C play dough mat is yellow this week. The right shelf has 10 plastic cats to clean in a yellow bowl with a cloth and a yellow sponge. Since the bottles were such a hit, I wanted to do something else with water.

On the bottom left, there is a thick foam Cars puzzle from the dollar store. There are numbers 1-9 on the pieces and the backgrounds are different colors. On the right, I made C's out of yellow cardstock, laminated and hole punched for lacing with yellow pipe cleaners.

I have also created an area on the pass through window for our worksheets and other items we will use throughout the week. I am feeling much more organized.

I have decided I want to make Boogie magnets for the fridge that go with our letter themes for the week, to give him another station to visit. I also would like to carry this over to felt board sets weekly for the letters, and monthly as well (seasonal things). We will see how it goes. More on the cars magnets here. 

During our calendar time in the morning, Boogie likes to look at the letters and numbers from previous weeks. He also likes to have a couple friends help him.

Boogie enjoyed the Cars puzzle several times every day. It was definitely worth the dollar! He didn't understand the numbers on the pieces but he loved looking at the pictures. He tried linking them together, stacking them, laying them out inside the box, and talking about what was happening on the pictures.

Boogie also took out the cats and cleaned them every day all week long. I am so glad I put out another tray for him to do with water.

Boogie practiced using a yellow (and red and orange) do-a-dot marker to find C's on a cat. The page is from 1+1+1=1.

The Halloween sensory bin was a huge hit. Boogie dumped and poured beans to his heart's content. He also LOVED the wind up cat and used it to push different objects around the lid or the floor. We laced spiders on pipe cleaners and stretched skeletons. We put beans inside of the pez containers. We threw pom pom balls. We counted and identified colors. It has a been a lot of fun!!

The counting caterpillars were not as successful as I thought they would be, but we read Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar book about a hundred times! The counting cards are from 2 Teaching Mommies.

Boogie played with his cats felt set a couple times. He definitely liked the magnets better.  He did enjoy the new storage area for the felt sets though. He liked taking the drawers out and putting them back in.

We tried using his alphabet set to stamping C's on a cat with an ink pad since the marker seemed to frustrate him last week. He did not really like the ink pad either. He does not like messy fingers at all! This page is also from 1+1+1=1.

I took out some magnets we got from IKEA several years ago for Boogie to use with his caterpillar do-a-dot page from Confessions of a Homeschooler but he was much more interested in seeing how the magnets worked with each other.

As usual, we had some fun playdough time with our cookie cutters and with the playdough mat from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

We are currently working on dogs, ducks and dinosaurs and playing with all Boogie's new birthday gifts. I am looking forward to sharing pictures next week :)

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