Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tot School October 11 to October 16- D is for ducks, dogs and dinosaurs

**Boogie is 24 months old**

After Boogie's birthday, which featured this homemade cake (can you tell I'm proud of how it turned out?!):

it was hard to get back into the swing of things. Especially because this was all the stuff we unloaded from the car when his party was over.

So Boogie has been very busy exploring the new goodies. And thankfully wearing the new clothes because if you follow my blog you know he favors a few shirts and I do way too much laundry.

We have found time for some letter D fun even with all the free play fun going on here :)

Tot School

This week's Bible story was the Tower of Babel, so we have been enjoying building and knocking down towers, especially using his new Melissa and Doug stacking alphabet blocks.

We have also been playing with his new alphabet puzzle, naming letters and the pictures underneath, as well as spelling things with the letters.

Boogie and Bam Bam have also been reading a lot recently. Boogie got a lot of fun new books.

We have been identifying body parts and accessories with his new potato heads.

Boogie has been enjoying his letter D trays (from Oriental Trading) this week too!

Here he is drip dropping on the duck, using his finger pinching muscles and loving making a mess with colored water. The eye dropper came from either Walmart or the dollar store. I also have been saving and cleaning out ones from their empty vitamins containers or medicine bottles to give Boogie more choice. There are tons of eye dropper and water activities for toddlers. To make the water colored but not staining, I put a drop of blue dye into a glass, then diluted it until my finger and a paper towel were not turning blue.

A tray that focuses on dropping and dumping? Yes, please! (The q-tips are supposed to be bones to go with dogs or dinos. The idea came from Peaceful Parenting.)

He enjoys digging for dinos then matching them up. This idea is all over the web in relation to dinosaur activities.

His duck magnets have seen some action this week as well. And d is also for diaper :P

We practiced using our bottle top letters to spell dinosaur (worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler), or really to match letters more than to spell. And even that didn't last very long.

We grew a dinosaur, which took MUCH longer than the few hours advertised. I got this picture right before the bowl flooded our kitchen.

And, of course, the beloved cars came out. Boogie got a bunch of new cars for his birthday, and he loves to play with them on the train table or line them up. When he lines them up, we count them and talk about their colors.

We've also had playdates with friends and cousins, which are always good lessons in sharing and patience (for both of us since I have to remember to be patient when he doesn't share!) as well as being fun for Boogie and Mama :) AND Boogie was in my best friend's wedding on Saturday- his first appearance as a ring bearer. He was adorable.

In Bam Bam news, besides reading at a very young age, he has also gotten very good at grabbing toys when he is having independent playtime.

He looks surprised at his own brilliance!

Hope everyone else is having a lovely fall so far!


  1. Happy birthday to Boogie! His cake is cute! Sounds like you did lots of fun learning activities with him this week!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I sneaked a peek at your blog and love all the hand print activities you're doing with Liam!



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