Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tot School October 17 to October 23- D is still for ducks, dogs and dinos

*Boogie is 24.5 months old**

After my best friend's wedding last weekend, I just didn't have the time to properly plan what I wanted to do for tot school with Boogie. So, we left the D activities out another week. And it was a good thing because a) we were busy and b) Boogie and Bam Bam have both been incredibly off this week. Not sleeping well, being cranky during the day, short naps...Mama is losing her mind over here!! I think part of it was due to their check ups and shots. Boogie also had blood work done for his 2 year allergy profile. So that might be the whole problem and maybe we will recover next week. I have tons of fun pumpkin things planned so hopefully we will get to them.

If you are wondering how their check ups went, Boogie is almost 29 pounds and Bam Bam is 16.5 pounds. They're both above average for weight, under average for height, and Boogie has a large head (for his large brain).

Besides the fact that we didn't get to calendar time at all this past week, which disappointed me, Boogie did show a renewed interest in tot school activities I planned, despite his continued fascination with his train table and cars.

Tot School

Boogie finally tried out his pumpkin play dough and enjoyed all the D cookie cutters, as well as the pumpkin ones, and the number 4.

Boogie enjoyed matching his bottle cap letters a lot more this week. He repeated after me when I told him what the letters were and tried matching the bottle caps to the right letter on the dinosaur page (from Confessions of a Homeschooler).

We played and played and played with the Halloween sensory bin this week. He went into his tupperware/play food/empty containers cabinet and got some yogurt containers to scoop up the beans. Guess the cauldrons weren't cutting it! The pez dispensers continue to be a big hit.

We worked on a "D is for Dog" printable from Homeschool Creations in our Crayola Dry Erase Center.

I put the D do-a-dot page (from Confessions of a Homeschooler) on a cookie sheet and Boogie used his magnets to cover the circles (The magnets were from IKEA a long time ago).

"Drip Drop on a Duck" continued to be a popular activity. Boogie figured out how to take apart the droppers from the vitamin containers so he had a lot of fun doing that too.

Boogie dumped out "dino bones" and put them back in the container.

D is also for destroy. As in, take everything out of the cabinet so no one can walk in the kitchen.

And D is for drive and dirty (the cars were being cleaned with a baby wipe).

Boogie enjoyed playing with his brother in the exersaucer this week, and showing him how the different toys work. 

Through Mamasource, we got a discounted subscription to National Geographic Little Kids a couple months ago. Boogie just got his second one in the mail and we have been enjoying looking at it during breakfast. He especially loves the "I spy" pages, which surprised me because I thought that would be a tricky concept. 

The Cars felt pieces became interesting again recently. 

We had a couple field trips this weekend, too. We went to a local farm to see the animals and take a hayride. It was all a bit much for Bam Bam.

We also celebrated my brother's birthday at an indoor football field. Boogie had so much fun!

And I have a whole separate post dedicated to the leaf rubbings we spontaneously did.

What have you been doing to enjoy the fall?


  1. Your little guy looks like he has had a fun week. I love the photo of him with the pumpkin. He looks so pleased!

  2. Thanks for your comment! We did have fun and we kept very busy. I love the pumpkin picture too :)


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