Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tot School September 24 to September 30- The Letter B

**Boogie is 23.5 months old**

This post is late in getting up because Boogie had his first ear infection, we got a new car, and it was Boogie's 2nd birthday over the weekend! We have been busy! Without further delay...the letter B, the color blue, the number 2, and Noah's Ark!

Tot School

As seen on our shelves, Boogie practiced lacing blue beads.

He is making quite a fashion statement, isn't he? He just wouldn't take off his Cars pajama bottoms that day!

The activity that came out several times a day every day of B week was the baby bottles, blue sponge and blue bowl tray. I would give him a little water and then show him how to get the sponge wet then squeeze the water into the bottles. It's good for developing the muscles in their hands and fingers, like clothespin activities. And coordination with aiming the water into the bottles. And it is a practical life activity too, since using a sponge will be useful later in life. Of course, we spent a lot of time spilling and cleaning up the water :) And I knew Boogie would be interested in the texture of the nipples and in putting the bottles together and taking them apart. He loved putting the caps on and off. We talked about the colors of the caps (blue, green and purple) whenever he handed me one. So this had a lot more elements to it than I even originally planned!

And here is the baby watching his brother clean the bottles and practicing tummy time :)

He enjoyed the colors clank can a lot more this week than the last time we took it out. It doesn't start with B, but we are practicing colors all the time so this was a reinforcement activity. Mater helped Boogie try to stuff all the clanks in at the same time.

We have an animal families memory game circa 1986 that belonged to my brothers and me when we were little that I took out in honor of Noah's Ark. We made animal noises, identified animals, and found the mamas or dadas and babies who went together.

We used blue pom pom magnets on a magnetic whiteboard with the B do-a-dot page from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler. Boogie wanted to put the pom pom magnets in the bottles more than he wanted to make B's.

We stamped B's using our Melissa and Doug alphabet stamps and a blue marker. The B sheet also came from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Using that same B, but printed on blue cardstock, and laminated with the lowercase B on the back, we played with playdough. The idea with the playdough mats is to work on pre-writing letter recognition skills. Boogie usually just puts his other creations on the sheet. That works too :) Exposure is the idea at this point. The cookie cutters we used were the B, the 2, a bear, a bunny, and a ball (circle). These come from my 101 piece Wilton set each week.

We were supposed to be tracing B's (again, from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler) using our dry erase center, but Boogie wanted to draw Cars instead.

We played with our back to school sensory bin for the last week, with Bun (whose nickname has turned into Bam Bam because that is how Boogie said Bun) looking on. Bam Bam has been doing great with tummy time, time in the exersaucer, and time in the bumbo.

We played with bubbles on one of the last warm days we have had, as well as chalk.

And, we played with letter B tracing cards that I made out of blue foam and blue pipe cleaners.
Again, thanks to Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

As usual, the Cars felt pieces came out, pretty much daily. We read the story of Noah's Ark from his children's Bible almost daily, and sometimes several times. We did not do very well with our calendar time due to the boys chaotic waking up and sleeping schedules, which were very disrupted by the ear infection.

Coming up next week...the letter C!

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