Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's on the Tray? Pumpkins!!

Boogie has been very interested in pumpkins since our first trip to the pumpkin patch on his birthday early this month. I decided that the week before Halloween we would take a break from going through the alphabet in order and do a "P is for Pumpkin" themed week.

I went a bit crazy :)

This first tray hits a ton of skills. Color sorting (orange, green and purple pom poms) and counting (there are 10 pom poms in each pumpkin). Fine motor skills with the tongs and the spoons for picking up the pom poms. One-to-one correspondence with putting one pom pom in each of the openings in the pumpkin ice cube tray. Originally I just had the tongs on the tray but I took a new picture when I added the spoons. Boogie still struggles with tongs. This tray was inspired by Counting Coconuts and Little Hands, Big Work. I combined their ideas.

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For those of you who want to recreate this tray, the pumpkins were in a 12 pack from Party City (But I have also seen smaller packs at the Dollar Zone), the tongs were in the Target dollar spot over the summer, and the pumpkin ice cube tray was at the Dollar Tree. Pom poms can be found in giant bags at Michaels and if you have a toddler believe me when I tell you that you want to invest in a large bag! The spoons are just regular toddler spoons. The trays are from Oriental Trading.

This idea came from Counting Coconuts. Boogie can polish his pumpkin. He loves water and he loves this pumpkin that came from my BFFs wedding.

I knew I wanted to do some kind of counting activity with the mini acrylic pumpkins (Target dollar spot) Boogie has been enjoying so much in his Halloween sensory bin. I saw ideas at Little Hands, Big Work and The Adventures of Bear. I found the foam pumpkins at the Dollar Tree and decided to use those for one-to-one correspondence (like Little Hands, Big Work) and counting. This was one of the last activities I got ready before going to bed so the circles are kind of all over the place. He's two, he doesn't care :P I traced pennies, to give you an idea of the size of the pumpkins.

 I wanted to do something like this next tray as soon as I saw the Halloween post on Little Hands, Big Work. I completely fell in love with the peg game and was happy that she said she got it from a dollar store. So you do not waste time browsing dollar stores, it is at the Dollar Tree :) Before I found the game, however, I came up with a similar idea, using cupcake toppers and little Styrofoam circles (both from Party City). I knew Boogie would love poking the pumpkins in the Styrofoam. I drew dots with an orange permanent marker on one side and the number on the back of each circle. This is a great fine motor skills and one-to-one correspondence activity.

This tray is a dumping and throwing kind of tray. Boogie has to exercise his gross motor skills too :) There is a shape recognition aspect with the ping pong pumpkins, which I saw at Motherhood Moments. I used a sponge brush and acrylic paint because I didn't have spray paint. I made the faces with a permanent marker. I fell in love with the yarn pumpkins as soon as I saw them at Counting Coconuts, but they originated at Make and Takes. He has 3 different sized pumpkin containers for us to talk about small, medium and large and he can dump the pumpkins between the 3. The smallest is a tin container from the Target dollar spot. The middle is from this year's McDonald's happy meals, and my mom gave Boogie the biggest one. I think it might be from a dollar store. The little pumpkin man was also from my mom and it was mine when I was little.

And on the last tray, as always, is play dough. This is the pumpkin scented play dough I made him for October. He has some pumpkin cookie cutters, a P and the number 5, as well as pipe cleaners (leftover from the yarn pumpkins) to make stems if he makes pumpkin balls. That idea came from Moments of Mommyhood.

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