Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Letter F Tot Trays- Frogs and Fish

I am renaming my tray posts for easier searching. I like to keep it simple and straightforward when I search, so I decided I should make my post titles reflect that.

My Hubby and I had a lot of fun planning and preparing for this week! Fish and frogs were easy to plan for and the trays turned out so well!

So, what's on the tray?

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Go Fish- I was planning on making felt fish like I saw all over the bloggernet, but my mom brought this travel fishing game over when I told her what we were doing this week. It hits both fish and frogs, so I decided to save myself some time and put this on a tray. This hits the fine motor skill set with the twisting of the knob. The fish are very small so taking them out or putting them in is also fine motor work. There is hand eye coordination with the magnet poles and the magnet fish mouths. I am not going to lie, this is hard for me to do! We can talk about what color fish we are catching, too, and count who gets more. The results will be weighted in Boogie's favor, of course :)

One Fish, Two Fish- Using the counting cards from 2 Teaching Mommies, we will count goldfish. Or eat them. This tray teaches counting and fine motor skills.

Pattern Blocks- Speaking of my Mom again, she is a saint. While I fed Bam Bam, she cut out a million kabillion cardstock and laminated pattern blocks so Boogie could play with them on these fish and F pages. He has the Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Block set and he can do them really fast, so I wanted to see if he was up for this challenge. The pattern blocks themselves came from here. Two of the fish templates are from PreKinders, the F's are from Making Learning Fun, and the big fish is from Kelly's Kindergarten. This tray teaches colors, shapes, and problem solving as well as spatial relations. There is some fine motor work with picking up and placing the pieces too.

Frog Flicking- I love this tray because it was such a team effort. My sweet Hubby made a ton of origami frogs for Boogie to flick into the matching colored cups. We used the 6 main colors because Hubby refused to make pink frogs for his son! Haha! The cups are yogurt cups covered in construction paper that I lathered in glue. This tray teaches color matching, counting (how many frogs are there total? Of each color? In in cup?), and it is just fun to flick frogs around the room!

Feed the Frog- I love this tray too. I saw this idea on The Preschool Experiment and knew I had to make it for Boogie. I didn't have a small Parmesan cheese lid, so I painted a white lid from a sprinkles container. There are three mini pom poms of seven colors (I snuck pink in there). We will talk about colors and numbers as Boogie feeds the frog. There is some fine motor skills work involved in picking up the pom poms carefully.

Fish Eggs- Lastly, an idea I saw all over the web- balancing marbles on suction cups. I found a fish bath mat set at the Dollar Zone. Boogie has to balance the fish eggs on the mama or dada fish.

So that is what we are doing this week! I had other ideas that we didn't get to, but you can check them out on my pinterest page, by clicking the picture below!

Want to see how Boogie liked the trays? Check out our letter F week post!

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  1. What cute activities. LOVE the feed the frog activity!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF!! Looking forward to seeing you next week,
    Beth =-)

  2. Love the ideas!!!! One of the best posts I've read this week. My favorite is the"feed the frog" but it is hard to choose a favorite. Thanks for sharing I'll have to bookmark this for our "F" week coming up soon.

  3. I see I'm not the only one who thought the feeding the frog activity was amazing

  4. These are AWESOME - so creative and fun! And I love that your mom and husband both got involved! It's fascinating to think about how many skills you've included in such fun and inviting activities! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  5. Beth- Thank you! Your blog is a great place to meet people!

    Happyscrapper- I'm so glad you can use the ideas! Yay!

    The Monko- Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

    Deb- It is really fun when family gets involved and excited! When I was homeschooled for a couple years in high school, my mom was doing it without all the resources and support that the internet provides. Thanks for featuring me again :)


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