Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Frog Magnets

I decided to do something a little different with our magnets this week. I used foam for lily pads, foam frogs, and stickers for numbers and bugs. Boogie seems to like numbers, so I thought this would be a fun change in skill set and sensory appeal. As usual, I used magnet tape on the back and woe, my Michaels doesn't seem to sell the kind I have any more. I will have to find something I like that works as well. This is literally a tape dispenser and paper thin magnet tape. It lasts forever, was not expensive, and is awesome! Anyway, the magnets not only work for counting, but also for learning size words, which Boogie enjoys. We have been working on "small" especially recently because he is always comparing two things and saying one is big but doesn't know the word for small yet. We can also talk about colors, since there are four different colored frogs. These are my favorite magnets so far :)

 Want to see Boogie's other magnets? 

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