Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 2011 Thank You's

Oh, I am so excited to do this! This is the first time I am doing a thank you post, which I have seen a lot of blogs that I love do at the end of the month. I think it is fun to see where people are coming from and where they are going on my blog.

Coincidentally, and appropriately, this is my 50th blog post, too :)

These stats are based on my blogger stats report.

Thank you to these sites (in alphabetical order) for sending traffic my way! I did not include sites like facebook and pinterest, just other blogs. If you have not visited these wonderful educational and crafting blogs yet, please do!

Crafty Moms Share
Living Life Intentionally
Living Montessori Now
No Time for Flashcards
One Hook Wonder
Our Worldwide Classroom
Sun Scholars
Taming the Goblin

Thank you to my readers for visiting my blog! Here are my top ten most popular posts for the month of November, with the first post being the most read and the last post being the least read.

Thanksgiving Sensory Bin
Thanksgiving Tot Trays
Letter F Tot Trays- Frogs and Fish
What's on the Tray? Elephants, Eggs and Eyes!
Tot School October 24 to 31- P is for Pumpkins
What's on the Tray? Pumpkins!!
Versatile Blog Award
Magnets- Elephants
Halloween Sensory Bin
Back to School Sensory Bin

Looking at the numbers, it seems like people are really interested in the trays and sensory bins I put together for Boogie. I think that Our Worldwide Classroom has an incredibly comprehensive sensory bin link party, but I am thinking about starting a weekly tray party here soon.Would anyone be interested?

Thank you again to all the referring blogs and all my readers :)

On to December, and advent, and CHRISTMAS!! :D

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