Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tot School- The Letter E (elephants, eyes, eggs)- November 7 to November 13

Despite Boogie having a cold, our letter E week was a lot of fun! The E trays each got some play time, even though they were pretty simple.

**Boogie is 25 months old**

My mom has a ton of my old stuffed animals, so I asked her to bring over any elephants she could find to put with our letter E books.

The contact lens cases tray was a HUGE hit. He carried these "circles" around with him all over the house all week. When I put my contacts in each morning, he would rush and get a case, and pull at his cheek and say "tack" like he was putting his in too. So cute :) He had trouble with putting the lids on, but had less trouble getting them off, and opening and closing the other kind.

The Thanksgiving sensory bin has not been as entertaining for him as the Halloween one, but it has gotten some usage. He LOVES the cornucopia I made, so that is gratifying :) He also likes to turn the "mama" pilgrim light switch on and off. He uses the cornucopia as a scoop or as a hat for the pilgrims and turkey. One day, he went through picking up the alphabet beads, asking me to tell him what the letters are. I added an orange plastic spoon to the bin because he seemed to need another tool. One day, he added a whole bunch of plates and spoons to make a corn dinner for us.

The egg carton activity went a lot better this time than over the summer. We talked about the colors and shapes since he knows both of those better now. He did some matching with both shapes and colors. He did some throwing of the pom pom balls.

Boogie liked the elephant magnets (elephant image from Confessions of a Homeschooler). He LOVES making the elephant sound, so there was a lot of that during the week. He is getting so good at identifying his colors. The ones that are close, he mixes up, and color blindness runs in both families, so we will see how that plays out. It is interesting, though, because he mixes up primary colors with colors that they are a part of. Like yellow and orange or blue and purple. He insists yellow and orange are both orange and blue and purple are both purple. Anyone have any experience with this?

I have read a lot of blogs saying how writing letters in shaving cream is fun, so I decided to try that. His face says it all. He wouldn't even go into the chair. He touched it from a standing position then fussed until I wiped him off.

We practiced letters while playing with his alphabet puzzle.

Boogie played with his cars, and we talked about positions (under, through, on top, in) in relation to the tower.

Boogie enjoyed using his bottle top letters to match the letters for "elephant" (worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler). He was so proud of himself for doing it well!

Target has some GREAT educational toys in their dollar spot right now! We got this number puzzle for 2.50! He liked using it with his giant foam letters. He said "1,2,3" all in a row for the first time! I think that is partly because we count to three when he is in trouble! :P He correctly identified "2" a couple times. Maybe because he just had a second birthday recently?

Boogie requested his shapes that I made for him over the summer. We played with them for a little while, identifying the shapes and colors.

We drove vehicles into block garages, sorting by color. He did it for a little while, but then really wanted like objects to be together instead (his trains needed to be in one garage, his big cars in another one).

Boogie colored E's from COAH (Confessions of a Homeschooler), with some help from Mack.

Boogie showed my Mom how much fun he has with magnets when she came to visit (worksheet from COAH).

He also wanted to play with play dough with her, so they made shapes instead of Es because he was determined!

Boogie was not very interested in the eye droppers this time but he did take them out once or twice.

We played in the leaves again, because he loves to hear them crunch. Such a mischievous little face!

And, very creatively I thought, he tried filling all his cars up with gas from his Little Tikes gas tank.

On to the letter F before we do some Thanksgiving fun :)

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