Monday, November 21, 2011

Tot School- The Letter F (frogs and fish)

** Boogie is 25.5 months old**

This week went really well! We did trays, we did worksheets, we did crafts! We had Mom's group at church on Wednesday. We had playdates Monday and Thursday. We were insanely busy, but I am so happy to say that we got to calendar time FOUR DAYS! The only day we did not do it was Wednesday because we were rushing out the door to get to church.

We also read our Bible story (The Little Children's Bible Storybook) every day, at least once. We were reading about Abraham and Sarah having Isaac, and Boogie enjoyed the story a lot. I am so very thankful that Boogie LOVES reading the Bible. We keep it by the kitchen table and every time we sit down and eat, he wants us to read to him. Almost every day, we read from the beginning to whatever story we are up to that week. He will sit happily through more than 100 pages (with maybe 50 big words a page at the most) and sometimes ask us to start again. Our Bible has questions and activities that go along with each story, and Boogie knows what is coming, and often does it right before we ask him to. He will also fill in the blanks if you skip words in the stories that he knows the best, like Adam and Eve or Noah's Ark. My prayer for him right now is that his love for God's Word will grow as he does and his excitement over hearing it will never fade.

I feel like we hit another turning point in his learning this past week, which is when the filling in the blank stuff started. He does it not only with the Bible, but also his favorite story books. Currently, Thomas' ABCs is the book he never lets go, and he can tell you what every letter in that book is for, except for V and Y (he doesn't seem to like V, and Y is on the same page as Z. He is much more excited about "ZIP! ZIP!" then about "yard." Who can blame him, really?) and he fills in several words on some of the pages he likes best. It completely blows me away! He is also mimicking much more clearly. He has a truck slide and find window book and he has started "reading" that one too. I will be feeding Bam Bam on the floor next to him, and he will say "where dump truck?" then slide the right window and exclaim that he got it right. I just love watching him learn and grow! I feel like he is going to be much smarter than I am somewhere along the line here and then homeschooling will not be nearly as easy!

The letter F trays and activities were fun to plan and make, so on to the pictures!

Boogie went straight for the jumping frogs on Monday morning, which thrilled my husband, who made them for him. He loved dumping the frogs. He had some success jumping them. He humored me by talking about colors and counting them. He enjoyed stacking the cups. He loved it best when I tried jumping them into the cups, and would tell me what color to try next. He picked up the word "frog" in about 10 seconds, and loves to say it. I hate to say that sometimes it comes out without the "r" and sounds horrible, so we might not be talking about frogs in public for awhile!

Showing Bam Bam the frogs.
Boogie liked the millions of pattern blocks my mom cut out for him too. It seemed like the smallest fish bored him, but the biggest fish was too many pieces. He did match up a few each time he took it out, but was more interested in identifying shapes and colors.

The triangles kept getting away from him and he thought it was very funny.
It was also funny when Mack and Rod squished the fish.

The tray with the counting cards only came down when he wanted a snack. Stinker! I tried to count as he was eating them, but he did not see the point. Snack time!

Boogie LOVED feeding the frog, then dumping all the mini pom poms back out again.We did talk about the colors of the pom poms he was putting in sometimes but mostly he was grabbing a handful, dumping them out, grabbing a handful, dumping them out. So there wasn't much time for counting or colors.

Boogie liked the frog magnets, and carried them around the house from time to time. I counted the flies for him. I told him what colors things were. He just wanted to carry them around.

My Boogie LOVES balls, so the "fish eggs" were a good activity. He could easily balance them, but didn't want to do all 15 at once. He liked dumping the marbles out all over the kitchen floor. That was fun. He called them "eggs" after I did, which was cute. He loved the sound they made when they hit the tray or floor. We counted them each time we put them back. His fine motor skills are good so this wasn't too challenging. He has the pinching motion down but still struggles with tools to pinch because it takes more strength. We are using clothespins with the Thanksgiving trays, so we will see if he gets better this week.

The little magnet fishing game was hard for Boogie and me but easy for my husband. Show off. Boogie had fun trying to catch the fish, pick them up, and put them back, all good for fine motor skills and coordination. We talked about what color fish we caught too.

We did a lot of crafts and worksheets this week!

I got this dollar mosaic frog for him at Michaels. Complete epic fail. The pieces were too small and the sticky side wasn't sticky enough after he handled the pieces. He could easily pick them up, but getting them from his fingers in the right direction to stick to the frog was just too frustrating. We'll try this kind of activity again another time.

I got this wooden fish for .50 at Michaels, and thought it would be fun to decorate it with sequins, like The Rainbow Fish. Boogie loved the shiny little circles! He placed a few of them on carefully, then asked if he could dump them. Since I didn't want to be making a fish until Christmas, I told him it was fine.

I saw an idea on pinterest for making foam fish stamps. My stamp pad was really dry and didn't work very well, and Boogie isn't big on stamping, but he did try it.

We did a few letter F worksheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Boogie put fish stickers on an uppercase letter F (after he finished putting his cars in the outline, which worked too!) and circle stickers on the uppercase/lowercase Fs do-a-dot worksheet. The fish stickers are stuck to a sheet and don't have paper around them, so Boogie found them very hard to use by himself.

He did figure out, after watching me, how to get the circle stickers off, and was SO proud of himself and did pretty well with sticking the circle stickers into the circle outlines of the Fs. As you can see, he also liked playing with his foam circles on the worksheet. 

The last worksheet we did for the letter F was a letter maze from 1+1+1=1. He remembered where the Fs were when I showed him, so I think it was more from memory when he pointed out the 2 or 3 that he kept pointing out and not necessarily that he was recognizing Fs. In the picture, he is pointing at a circle, aka a lowercase o.

We did a couple of activities with our Bible verse of the week: "A friend loves at all times" (Proverbs 17:17). He loved the picture from Totally Tots because of the heart, and enjoyed using his do-a-dot markers with it. He also liked using a glue stick on the words from the verse and patting them down on paper. Green paper, since that was our color of the week. We sang the Bible verse song every day. I showed him sign language for "friend," which I learned in kindergarten, if you can believe that! I clearly remember the day we learned it and the song we sang to learn the sign language and how to spell it.

Speaking of sign language, that is one of the elements on our calendar and he actually has tried several times to make the letter F! What a difference doing the calendar activities 4 days in one week makes! I told him to pinch, then hold up 3 fingers after we looked at the picture of how to make an F. He got the pinching long as he doesn't try it on Bam Bam!

This picture was too cute not to share. Boogie helped me vacuum, and decided to sweep at the same time. Talk about multitasking!

Another picture that is too cute not to share. Boogie had a play date with my BFFs puppy this week. He calls him "Arf Arf" and I am not a dog person at all, but sweet Arf Arf is very hard not to love. He is quiet and well-behaved and let's Boogie love on him very patiently.

Did I mention how much he loved his pillow frog this week?!

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