Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Versatile Blog Award

My first award blogging! How fun!! I want to send a big thank you and hopefully some visitors over to Taming the Goblin for passing on The Versatile Blogger Award to me! Her son is exactly the same age as Boogie, so I have found her blog to be really fun and interesting to read. She also does Montessori-type trays and activities, so I like to borrow ideas :) If you would like to see the other 14 blogs she chose, check out her list here!

The Rules
  • Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to them.
  • Tell 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass this award on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know that they've received an award!
Seven Things About Me

1. My Mom and I talk everyday. I see her at least once a week. She is my best friend besides my husband. She and my dad divorced when I was in 3rd grade, so she raised us on her own and did it on an extremely tight budget as a stay-at-home mom, providing child care in her home so she would be there when we needed her. She is amazing.

2. I love the Twilight series. It is horrible. The writing is mediocre, the "heroes" are controlling, the "heroine" is whiny...but I have lost track of how many times I have read them. And yes, I have seen all 4 movies so far too. I can't explain it. It is an unfortunate addiction!

3. I accepted Jesus as my Savior on December 15, 1994 after reading either the 4th or 5th book in the Christy Miller series by Christian author Robin Jones Gunn, who went on to write a series with the heroine named Sierra! I really clearly remember the moment, sitting in my bed, reading by the light of the Christmas lights because I was supposed to be sleeping. I know the date so well because I wrote a quick comment in the corner of one of my school notebooks, knowing it was momentous and something I would want to remember. I still have that corner. It is a bookmark in my Bible for John 3:16.

4. One of my dearest friends says she knew that I first liked my husband when I let him drive my car to teach him how to drive stick. I loved that car. Her name was Dory because she was the brightest blue little Pontiac Sunfire you have ever seen and I loved "Finding Nemo". My husband also jokes that he fell for me because I could drive stick :P

5. I am the oldest child with two younger brothers. I am educated as an English teacher. On my worst days, this makes me a bossy know-it-all used to getting my own way. On my best days this makes Haha. I am not sure, but I do know that my husband is a saint!

6. I always, my whole life, said I wanted to have a big family. My husband and I go back and forth on numbers, but think we will have at least four children. Going from 1 to 2 kids was hard, so we will see where the next several years take us :)

7. I LOVE football. Love love love it. My husband and I have been playing fantasy football for either 3 or 4 years now and usually are in the top 4 in our league of 10. We have season tickets to our college football games as well. Unfortunately, we cheer for different NFL teams, so our kids are going to be conflicted come football season each year!

Passing on the Award...

I chose 15 blogs that focus on homeschooling or crafting, since that's why I blog and what I blog about. I think all the blogs that I chose are less than a year old, so that should count for newly discovered. Most of the mommies who write these blogs either have tots like I do, or gear their posts towards crafts, lessons and activities for tots. You should definitely check them out!

A Purpose Driven Home
Crafty Moms Share
Crayon Freckles
Get 'Er Done, Momma
Joyfully Weary
Little Tiger Growing Up
Living Life Intentionally
Mess for Less
One Artsy Mama
Over the Big Moon
Raising Genius Fish
Sun Scholars
The Only Thing Pink in a World Gone Blue
The Educators' Spin On It

Thank you again, Taming the Goblin!

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  1. Aw, thank you so very much!!! :). You made my day!


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