Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Book Advent and Advent Linky Party

This year, as I mentioned in my first advent post, we are doing a Christmas Book advent as a countdown to Christmas. Each night, we are unwrapping a book and reading it together as a family. I first saw this idea here on Counting Coconuts but have since seen it a million other places, including pinterest. Buying 24 or 25 books would be very expensive, so I was happy to see a great list of ways to scrounge up 25 books at The Inspiration Thief. We had some books already, we got a couple from my mom from when my brothers and I were little, we bought a few new, and I borrowed a ton from the library. I was really pleasantly surprised at how many religious titles the library offered. We have a pretty fair mix of secular and religious books to read, which is what I wanted. Somehow, we were one book short of the 24 I wanted (apparently I can't count to 24! Poor Boogie is going to be undereducated), so we added a video Boogie hasn't seen yet.

I do plan on wrapping them, but will probably do it one at a time because he is still really young and I don't know that he would understand that 20-something presents had to wait for another day.

Also, the books that are standing are not random or favorites- they were the ones that did not have a title on the binding. If you enlarge the picture, I wanted you to be able to see all the book titles and authors. 

So, here is our list to add to the conversation.
1. What is Christmas?
2. Asleep in the Stable
3. Llama Llama Holiday Drama
4. The Nutcracker
5. The Berenstain Bears Meet Santa Bear
6. Santa's Workshop
7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
8. Little One, We Knew You'd Come
9. Christmas in the Barn
10. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
11. The Snow Speaks
12. Cat in the Manger
13. Room for a Little One
14. The Little Drummer Boy
15. Find Frosty as he Sings Christmas Carols
16. Christmas Lullaby
17. How Santa Got His Job
18. Froggy's Best Christmas 
19. The First Night
20. A Cars Christmas
21. Where is Baby's Christmas Present
22. The Animals' Christmas Eve
23. The Night Before Christmas (this was from the Target dollar spot last year)
And our video is Veggie Tales Christmas Sing-Along Songs

There were a bunch of books I saw on other people's lists that I really wanted, but free is good, so I went with what the library had. After Christmas, I hope to buy a bunch of Christmas books on sale to put away for next year.

Linking up to these great parties!

I thought it would be fun to host an Advent link party so that all of the great book lists and ways of presenting the count down are in one place. Feel free to link up after you read below and make sure this is the right linky party for you! (PS- I have never done this before, so bear with me!)

1. You can include any kid friendly advent idea- books, crafts, calendars, songs- whatever your family does to count down the days until Christmas. This is not a linky party for general Christmas posts, but for specific things you do on a regular basis (ie- daily, 12 days, the week before) to count down to Christmas.
2. Please include my blog button (top right sidebar) either in your post or in your sidebar, or include a text link back to this post so that people know where to come to find more ideas for advent.
3. Please become a follower of my blog :) I will be happy to follow you back :)
4. Please link to the actual advent post (or posts), and not just your blog homepage.
5. Please comment on at least one other post. People love to know that you love their ideas!

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