Monday, December 5, 2011

Tot School- Thanksgiving (2 weeks)

**Boogie is 25.5 months old**

So we have been MIA from tot school as we recovered from the holidays but we are back in full swing this week. Here is what we did for Thanksgiving with our fun trays!

Boogie remembered these cups from our frogs trays, and went to see what was in them this week.  This was his favorite activity from all his trays. He revisited this several times a day. There were flat marbles all over my kitchen at pretty much all times. He loved to dump them back and forth and on the tray. He did not love picking them up as much. He did try spooning them sometimes but mostly, it was all about dumping. I love how he always looks like he is about to bolt when he is playing.

Boogie tried sorting the foam stickers, and repeated new words when I told him what they were (squirrels and owls). He was not very inspired though.

Boogie liked the foam and clothespin turkey I made him. He had more success with clothespins this time. It was fun to see that we are making progress in that skill. I look forward to doing crafts with scissors with him when he has mastered the pinching motion.

He also enjoyed the felt feather and button turkey. The buttons were a bit small for him to handle, and he didn't quite understand what I was doing when I was showing him how to take them on and off. But he usually will at least try once before moving on to something he understands better.

He thought the turkey popsicle stick puzzle was interesting to look at but was not interested in trying to put it back together.

Unfortunately, he was completely disinterested in the pen and notebook tray. Probably because it wasn't mine or Hubby's. If there is a pen or paper we are using, he is all over it!

Besides the trays, we did some of our worksheet work for the letter T and for our Bible verse ("Be thankful to Him and bless His Name for the Lord is good" Psalm 100:4).

We used stickers again for the letter T do-a-dot page from Confessions of a Homeschooler. When I asked Boogie what T is for, he said "tracks!" and then wanted his Thomas' ABCs book. So cute! By the end of the week, he would said "turkey" as well as tracks when I asked him what T stood for.

We used do-a-dot markers again for our Bible verse coloring page. This is the first Bible verse that Boogie "learned"! If I sang the song and stopped, he would fill in the blank for "good" in a very excited and enthusiastic verse. Since then, he has also learned "apple eye" for Psalm 17:8, the first Songs for Saplings we learned. It helps when we do calendar time consistently throughout the week, which includes our verse. The week of Thanksgiving, we did calendar time 4 days, which is my goal. The next week, we only did it twice. Thankfully that was a review kind of week though, and he already had the verse down.

Speaking of filling in the blanks, Boogie is filling in the blanks with everything! Songs he loves, books he loves, grace at meals, commons sayings- his verbal skills are increasing every day and it is so much fun to hear what comes out of his sweet little mouth! He puts together words into sentences, answers and asks questions, he is just such a joy!

Because of the down time with the holiday, we also did a lot of random things throughout the end of November, always at Boogie's initiation.

He scribbled on the Crayola dry erase board

He played with his pipe cleaner drop and dump container that I made for him over the summer.

He matched characters in his Thomas ABC book and his Thomas sound book.

He made a "BIG BIG MESS!" (his words) with his foam alphabet.

He played with his Melissa and Doug pattern blocks set.

We did some holiday things too. 

We baked pumpkin roll for Thanksgiving.

Picked out a Christmas tree for my mom's birthday (an annual tradition).

And, there was some down time too for brotherly love.

Speaking of Bam Bam, he is borrowing a jumped from a cousin who outgrew it, and he is LOVING it!

Hope everyone else had a lovely Thanksgiving too!
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