Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just a (kind of) quick note about commenting.

I went through all my comments from the past week or so and used the new, standard blogger "reply" feature, then asked the mommy at one of the blogs I like (Trina at Teaching My Blessings. Hi Trina!) if she had gotten any kind of notification that I replied to her comment.

Unfortunately, her answer was no!

So, this post is two-part.

First, to let you know that I am 99% sure I have replied to all comments on my blog either by coming to your blog, emailing you, joining a link party, or more recently by using the reply feature. So check back on the post you commented on if you would like to see my response or if you asked a question. I value my readers encouragement and opinions a lot and would never want anyone to feel slighted.

Second, it seems like there is an option when you leave a comment to receive notifications by email of future comments to the same post. Google help says to "follow by email" in the comment area, but on my blog it looks like there is a "subscribe by email" option below the comment box.

It seems to me like there should be an easier way for this to work, and I think on some blogs there is. I signed up for Disqus but it made all the previous comments on my blog disapper. I could still see them as the author, but they were not visible to readers. I was looking into CommentLuv, too. Does anyone have experience with Disqus, CommentLuv, or any other commenting widget, compatible with blogger, that they would recommend? It has to be easy to add because I am not techy at all! I need to be told exactly what to copy and paste exactly where :)

Long story short, the way my blog is set up right now, if you leave a comment, please make sure to subscribe to that comment thread so that you know when you get a response.


  1. I agree with you, there has to be an easier way! I am interested in other's thoughts on this topic too because after you emailed me I have been curious about this. So I hope there is an easy fix. :)

    1. Have you found an easy fix yet? I added a custom comment to my comments but it is showing up underneath the comment box which isn't very helpful.

  2. Hi! I do see what you mean now. The easiest fix I have found since we discussed this is to subscribe to the comments. That has kept "me in the loop" more lately. Your blog is looking so awesome every time I pop in! Wow! You rock!

    1. Thanks, Trina! I love playing with it. Yeah, I am subscribing to comments whenever I remember, too, now. I found a site that was supposed to tell me how to add code above the comment box like I have seen on some sites but it didn't work. So it is underneath for now. Maybe my Hubby-Man can figure it out for me.


Thank you for commenting! I try to reply to every comment either by using the reply function (so please subscribe to the comment thread or check back) or email (if you are a "no-reply blogger", it is an easy change).

Have a great day!

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