Friday, January 6, 2012

Just for Fun- DIY Christmas Gifts

I know this is late, but I am so pleased with how these gifts came out that I just have to share them. We made several of each for the friends and family members who like this kind of thing.

None of these gifts cost very much at all, but the time spent and the fact that they are keepsakes make them really special, I think. I made one of each for us too, of course :) And even though it is after Christmas, the salt dough handprint and the silhouettes are good gift ideas for family members any time of the year!

From Bam Bam, we made a salt dough handprint ornament. We made eight of these, so I got them all lined up when they were ready, then my husband brought him over and we just went right down the line as quickly as we could. I painted each one a little differently as I tried to figure out which way worked best. We did some white, some blue, some with the handprint painted, some with it unpainted like this one. They turned out so well and it is so special to have a remembrance like this of his first Christmas. I saw the idea on Nest of Posies and Mom on Timeout.

From Boogie, we  also made a handprint ornament. We painted his hand and then decorated each finger like a snowman. I used unbreakable, fillable ornaments and put fake snow inside. Fake snow is a HUGE PAIN to work with! But the end result is adorable. I saw this first on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, then saw it everywhere!

 And finally, we made silhouettes of the boys. They are so sweet they make me want to cry! My Gram mentioned wanting silhouette charms for her bracelet but to get her one for each great-grandchild in the family would have cost hundreds of dollars because she wanted them to be gold like her bracelet. So I started looking for other ideas and found one I liked on Tired, Need Sleep but it was a bit more complicated than I had time for. Finally, I stumbled across an easy tutorial at Ann-Kay Home that was even easier to do when I realized I could do the cropping in paint. It took awhile but they turned out so well.

Everyone loved their gifts and I loved watching each person open them and realize that the gifts were handmade and extra special because they were from the boys :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday. We will be starting a new one later tonight.

  2. I can see why you couldn't wait to share these. Handmade gifts are the best. The silhouettes would make a fantastic gift for grandparents any time of year. So glad you shared on Monday Madness.

  3. I love those silhouettes. and I saw those snowmen bulbs lots of places too, but each time I see them I think they are fabulous. Yours turned out beautiful.

  4. What fun projects. I love the classy looking keepsake silhouettes - very cool Thanks for linking up to TGIF. Have a great weekend,
    Beth =-)

  5. I love homemade gifts and these are so cute! Thanks for commenting at Cachey Mama's Classroom. I am now a follower :)
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  6. We also made salt dough ornaments, and last year I did the handprint snowman ornament! You have excellent taste ;) I LOVE the silhouettes!!! I have always wanted to do one! Thanks for linking up this week at Thrifty Thursday Sierra!

  7. Such a creative DIY Christmas Gifts. Thanks for sharing!

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