Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tot School- Chinese New Year

**Boogie is 27.5 months old**

Last week we skipped ahead a few letters. This week we went back and did a letter we had already done. We did "D is for Dragon" to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

I made 9 dragon-related learning printables and a Chinese zodiac version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? but, unfortunately, Boogie was not into printables or crafts or coloring really at all this week. I stuck to my guns, though, and put my control freak tendencies aside and did not push Boogie. I just introduced things and when he did not want to do them, I let it go.

He did enjoy some of his Chinese New Year tot trays quite a bit, though!

The parasol tray came out once.  It probably would have come out more if I had taken the parasols out during his nap and after bed.

He loved the surprise factor of the Chinese zodiac animals in a box tray. The first or second box he opened had the gorilla, which he calls a monkey, and he was so happy! He loves monkeys. When he was opening the next box he said, "Nudder muhkey?" and each time he was opening a box he said "Wha dis it?" I love it when he asks questions. It is so good for his comprehension and critical thinking! Can you hear the former English teacher in me rising to the surface? One day, I laid out his coloring pages so we could match the animals but my poor little OCD Boogie kept getting upset that the pages were shifting around. So I printed out a chart instead. That worked a lot better.



 He loved playing with the sauce packets! Such a simple activity, such a huge success! He used the tongs, and actually did pretty well with the pinching motion. he named the colors. He smelled them and shook them and asked to open them, which I didn't let him do but maybe I should have. He wasn't much interested in counting them.


I think the sauce packet tray was tied for favorite with the soy beans and rice tray. He LOVED this tray. He practiced spooning and using his fingers (I would tell him to use his pincher fingers to pick up the pieces that fell on the tray or the floor and he did), as well as tons of dumping and pouring.

I thought he would like this one better, but he was not very interested in the yarn noodles tray. Ah well. It happens. He did well with the cheater chopsticks the one time I took the tray down to show him what it was. And he was very happy about the "Boogie's Bistro" label I made for the takeout box. 

I made a small world play/sensory bin for Boogie. I was introduced to small world play by my bloggy friend Lauzi at Happy Little Munchkins. Hers are much more elaborate, so this is kind of a mini version. We got some snow from outside, I made some ice in muffin tins, I got his mittens, his bulldozer, and a shovel, and then gave him his Dragon Toob. He was more interested in shoveling the snow (very enthusiastically and all over my kitchen) then in playing pretend with the dragons.

We also built houses for the dragons out of wooden and megablocks. He wasn't really into the megablocks, but was getting so frustrated by the wooden blocks that I thought it would be a better solution. I was wrong!

I could not find very many age appropriate Chinese New Year books at the library, but these are the 2 I did find and they are perfect for a 2 year old. Boogie would rather read the Jan Brett books, though.

We also broke out Boogie's Chinese children's music from his Apo and Gong Gong last Christmas. We hadn't listened to it for a couple months so it was like new to Boogie and he is loving it! He is repeating some of the words and phrases and constantly asks me to turn it on.

We worked with the printables I made a very little bit. Interesting fact- Boogie still trades off which hand he favors with eating and coloring.

I really wanted to do some art projects with him but he wasn't interested. I wanted to decorate the Chinese character for dragon by using contact paper to cover the character and painting around it, then the next day taking off the contact paper, covering the character in glue and letting him glitter it (inspired by this post on Little Tiger Growing Up). It didn't go so well. When he didn't want to glue or marble paint, I gave him a sponge brush and a paint brush. When he didn't want to do that, I gave him a dragon then a car, thinking he would like making tracks. Nope. I tried a toilet paper roll. He did each thing once, except the car tracks. He saw that dinky little dollar store car that was for an activity from his birthday party and all bets were off for school for the day. He has carried it around ever since.

I saw a beautiful Chinese skyline and thumbprint lantern project here at Let's Go Fly a Kite. Boogie has been more willing to get messy recently. Not this day. I thought do-a-dot markers would have the same effect. He wasn't going to do dots nicely either. Oh well. Next year maybe.

For some reason, Boogie has also taken to riding his monkey around the house and thinks it is hysterical. I don't know.

It doesn't have anything to do with Chinese New Year, but I made Boogie a light box that he has been enjoying a lot. More on that here.

After this post on Taming the Goblin, I made a felt and velcro diaper for Boogie's baby and he has been having a great time playing "dada" to his little baby. One little piece of felt made the baby new again to him!

Speaking of babies, our big Bam Bam news it that HE GOT HIS FIRST TOOTH on January 26th! I was so surprised because Boogie didn't get a tooth until he was 10 months old! The boys have been having a lot of fun playing together, but on the flip side, Boogie has been acting very possessive of his toys. Boogie seems to flip very quickly between wanting to "snugga" Bam Bam and screaming because Bam Bam looked at one of his toys like he might want to touch it. It is exhausting! Bam Bam is also rolling all around the house and sitting up quite well on his own. He can entertain himself by grabbing toys and chewing on them. In some ways he is a very easy baby and in some ways he is much harder than Boogie was. Boogie was sleeping through the night and Bam Bam has only done that a handful of times. I think it is because Boogie had his own room, while Bam Bam is sharing with us. I am ready to move to a bigger house!

He rolled over to this toy and started pressing buttons!
Brotherly love...or strangling him? Hard to tell! Maybe both!

Loves to grab his toes as he rolls around.

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  1. All fantastic activities - I especially love the sauce packages, great idea.

    1. Thank you! It is so funny that Boogie enjoyed that so much. Now I know how to keep him entertained when we go out to eat fast Chinese food :)

  2. What great fun! I love all your transfer activities!


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