Friday, January 6, 2012

Tot School- Christmas (Part 2) and J is for Jesus

** Boogie was 26.5 months when we did this**

Another abbreviated post to try and catch up before next week!

Fun with the Christmas (part 2) tot trays

Using star stickers on his J (from COAH) because J is for Jesus. 

 Feeding the nutcracker from his Christmas sensory bin some peppermint extract.


Using his peppermint play dough on a do-a-dot J (from 1+1+1=1).

Coloring his Bible verse from Totally Tots

Playing with toys.
A great favorite- matching colors to vehicles and making garages.
He loves to knock down block towers with his nose.
Making a "dada" potato head.
Pushing his Melissa and Doug alphabet train puzzle around. The front 3 pieces ended up under the stove, but I retrieved them.
Bam Bam has started (and hates) solids! On a side note, he had a crazy eczema flare around Christmas, I think from the stress, but it looks SO much better now. I haven't had any dairy since the beginning of December, which cleared it up enough so that some of the creams are now working. The best combination seems to be Cetaphil with Restoraderm and Vaseline on top.

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  1. We love stacking blocks and potato head! My oldest had a lot of eczema flare-ups as a baby, but thankfully he has mostly outgrown them. My kids liked solids as long as they were homemade, though my younger son basically skipped over them and went straight to table food. He's my eatin' machine! Looks like you had a lot of Christmas fun!



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