Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tot School- Hanukkah (the letter H)

**Boogie was 26.5 months old when we did this**

I am so behind with posting how Boogie liked all our holiday trays, so my posts are going to be abbreviated so I can catch up before we hopefully start some new stuff next week. I think Boogie and I are both ready to start school again! I am afraid I might not get to sharing pictures from our cookie baking and ornament making but we will see how the rest of the week goes.

As I mentioned when I posted Boogie's Hanukkah trays, my Daddy was Jewish, so for the letter H, we learned a little bit about this fun December holiday, as well as doing some work with the letter H.

As usual, we did our letter collage page from COAH (this time with Hanukkah stickers from Party City). 

So proud of his work!
We colored the key word from our letter H Bible verse from Totally Tots. Boogie enjoyed peeling his crayons more than coloring on his awesome Crayola Color Me a Song that he got last Christmas.

And we spent a lot of time playing with the trays!


We also didn't forget about celebrating Christmas!

He thought it was really funny to put Baby Jesus on the roof.
Marble painting Christmas trees and adding glitter.
Boogie learned about big and small playing with the trees.
Boogie loves pointing to his Bible verses, so I printed them all out in black and white to make him a flip book. He spread them out on the floor while I was doing something with Bam Bam, and Dada and Boogie talked about the verses together.

We had some fun with other toys as well. 
Making apple coffee.


And, as always, Boogie learned some new life skills while helping to make my life easier.

He has his own shelf in the fridge for his cups mostly but also for some snacks.
Helping me put silverware away.
My favorite holiday picture of my boys :)

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