Friday, January 27, 2012

Tot School- S is for Snow

**Boogie is 27.5 months old**

We skipped a few letters to continue enjoying our winter theme, so last week we did "S" is for snow. 

Some of the snow tot trays were more popular than others.

The pom pom and ice cube tray came out once, then was visited on the shelf a couple times but I don't think it ever came out again. But, when I went to put it away, every hole was filled. So, in walking past it, he did drop a snowball in each time but didn't want to devote much time to it.

The snowflake hole punch was a little too hard for him. The tray came down twice, I think, but he couldn't make it punch without help and wasn't very interested. He did think the snowflakes and snowflake shaped holes were cool, and we did do some counting. But this was not as successful as I thought it would be.

Boogie enjoyed this tray and brought the snowman to read with us at least once but still has trouble buttoning.

He visited this tray in passing after this one time when I took it down to show him. But he didn't think flipping snowflakes was very cool. And he managed to take one of the center snowflakes off, then told me I needed to fix it. Thanks, Boogie.

This was by far the favorite tray. He chose to do this several times during the week. He didn't quite get the puzzle concept, and I think that next time, I will make a mat with velcro and put velcro on the back of each piece as a guide to make it more like a puzzle. But he loved matching the colors. He loved playing with the circles. He would pick one piece, and I would ask him the color. Say, it was green hat. Then I would pick up a whole pile of another piece and ask "Are these buttons green?" and flip through until he said yes. He would name each color as we went, too. It was a fun way to play together, practice his colors, and practice yeses and nos. Gray is still the only color he doesn't recognize.


Making his new monkey face! Too cute!
Boogie LOVED The Mitten and The Hat by Jan Brett. Like, completely, totally, and passionately. we would sit down and read them several times in a row. Every time we got to the part where the animal says "feel nice", I would stop and say "feel..." and Boogie would always say "good" then start laughing because he knew it was "nice" and was being goofy. After the first couple readings, he took off his socks, put them on his hands, and called them mitten socks, then tried picking things up wearing them and got really frustrated that he kept dropping things. I was trying so hard not to laugh or get impatient when he got frustrated but still refused to take them off.

I got the idea from Andie at Crayon Freckles to use shaving cream as snow. Last time Boogie touched shaving cream he freaked out. He does not much like to be messy, but I keep trying new types of messy play to see if I can find something he will enjoy. I don't want him to miss out on experiences because they are messy. This time, he loved the shaving cream and only stopped because I cleaned it up after he started putting it on his face and in his hair. Then, he had a blast cleaning off his toys in a tub of water. And after they were all clean, he asked for a spoon and for new blue water to continue playing.

Boogie loves the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Alphabet that his Aunt A and Uncle R got him for Hanukkah. He has started naming the letters and their sounds recently. His favorite is X. He loves that sound and cracks up every time.

Boogie hates vegetables. There are very few fruits that he won't eat (mostly citrus) but I cannot find a vegetable that he will eat without some trickery. So, I make a lot of muffins with veggies in them. Boogie was helping me put the muffin cups in the tins. Good 1:1 correspondence and fine motor skills work wrapped into a practical life application :)

Our not very white snow play dough came out to build snowmen and make stars (standing in for snowflakes. I need to get a snowflake cookie cutter next year!) We also used a letter S for a pre-writing play dough mat from COAH.

Gross motor fun- rolling around like a snowball...

And building snowmen out of different sized balls. He did this completely on his own the first time, but I asked him to do it again for a picture.

We did a few worksheets, but not nearly as many as last week. He was really into the whole igloo thing! I couldn't even get him to do our Bible verse pages this week. He really wanted to be playing and doing gross motor activities instead.

Coloring snowmen different colors from Get 'Er Done Momma
Winter Matching from 1+1+1=1. My phone is against the cup because he was on Skype with Hubby-Man at work while doing his table time.
Coloring/Tracing from COAH.
The best part of our snow week was that we got some real snow!! We were prepared with mittens (Boogie INSISTED on red like in The Mitten), a hat, snow pants and rubber boots, so Boogie got to really enjoy snow for the first time in his young life! Last year he walked outside, lost his balance, fell flat on his face in a snowdrift, and that was it. He was done with snow for the winter. This year, he loved it! He was freezing and red and wet but he did not want to come inside! He was running and slipping and crawling and having a complete blast. It was adorable! And when we came inside, he had hot chocolate and marshmallows for the first time and it was love at first sip. He then wanted to finish mine and Hubby-Man's.

We made a winter "I Spy" bottle that was an epic fail. Boogie put all kinds of pretty things in it (flat marbles, all kinds of beads, pom poms, a silver bell, glitter) but when I was trying to hot glue the top shut, it dried before I twisted it all the way, so water kept coming out. I tried to make a hot glue seal, added saran wrap and duct tape to the outside, and then it stopped leaking. But within 24 hours the water was murky and there were brown bits floating in it so we had to toss it! Gross!!

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  1. Super cute that he took the snowman to read with him! I also love that he was skyping with Daddy. :)

    1. Thank you! He is pretty cute :)

      We try to skype with Hubby-Man every day but it definitely depends on how his day and our day is going.

  2. I love it all!! Great ideas and activities! You rock! I especially love his new monkey face!

    1. Thank you so much for always being so encouraging, Trina :) I know who to email when I need a pick me up! His monkey face gets me every time!

  3. such fun activities! so glad that he liked playing with his trucks in the snow! wheels make anything better, right?? haha! your creative activities always amaze me!

    1. Oh heck yes. It is all about wheels in our house! Your creative ideas are wonderful, too!


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