Friday, February 24, 2012

Fave Five Friday- All things Mardi Gras!

Hooray for Friday!

I have not switched out our trays recently, due to all the germs flying around our house. Boogie and I have not been up to much school time. But, if I had switched out his trays, we would have had more fun with a Mardi Gras theme than President's Day at his age. So, this week, Fave Five Friday is all about Mardi Gras! Here are my five favorite Mardi Gras activities that we will not get to because of time, resources, or Boogie's age.

Disclaimer: I am not adding a "pin it" button to this page because these are NOT my ideas or creations and I am linking to posts, not pins. If you would like to pin these fabulous ideas, please make sure you click the link and pin them from the originating site! And you should go check out these awesome sites anyway :) 

You know how I just can't resist a sensory bin, right? Maybe someday I will have enough time and supplies built up that I can change them out for every single holiday and special occasion. Some day is most definitely not today. But this wonderful Mardi Gras sensory bin from The Picky Apple makes me wish it was!

Boogie finally enjoys tracing his hands so this adorable Mardi Gras mask from Handprint and Footprint Art might have been do-able this year, if not for everyone feeling so crummy. I love that this is really simple to make so that Boogie could do it without much help or guidance.

I am thinking about doing muffin tin meals with Boogie in March and seeing how they go. He is an incredibly picky eater so I am hoping adding some creativity to meal time will make him more adventurous. I love this Mardi Gras inspired healthy lunch from JDaniel4's Mom.

Maro's Kindergarten Crafts has this mask matching game that I can see working in two different ways. The way it is shown on the site is to cut the mask in half like mini-puzzles. I think you could also print out two of each and do some matching that way. To include your child, you could have them color the masks and cut them in half. If you are doing the double printing version, and your child is old enough, have them try to make identical masks for matching. If they are not old enough, maybe just stick to a single color for each mask :)

Unfortunately for me and for Bam Bam, Boogie has been really into noises lately. He went from just saying "funny noise" to also saying "silly sound" recently. He drops things to see what noise they make. He pushes different vehicles around his train tables to see how the wheels squeak or whir differently. He bangs puzzle pieces and pot lids together. I try to let him experiment when the timing is right (ie- Bam Bam isn't sleeping or grouchy). These Mardi Gras shakers from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas would be right up Boogie's alley because they make noise but they would also be right up my alley because they don't make too much noise.

And that wraps up another Fave Five Friday! I have a few more ideas on my Mardi Gras Pinterest board, if you are still celebrating. Otherwise, tune in next week :)


  1. What wonderful projects! Thank you for sharing my lunch!

    1. You're welcome! Yours is one of the blogs that inspired me to try muffin tin meals. That mask is too much! Love it :)


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