Friday, February 10, 2012

Tot School- Football

**Boogie is 28 months old**

I would say that again we're re-doing a letter this week but honestly we never got around to any printables with the letter F this week. Boogie did enjoy his football tot trays even if that is really all we did.

I did not think this drop and dump tray would be as interesting as it was for him, but this was definitely his favorite all week.

This tray only came out once, but he did well with the sorting and fine motor pinching.

Boogie only took this tray out once but he enjoyed stringing the rings and wearing them.

Boogie played with this tray the same way he did with the parasol one. I kept taking the footballs out, and I would notice him putting one back in here and there until they were all in again. The one time we did take it down and play with it together, he put some in between the lines and some on the lines very meticulously.

This tray did come out a couple times but Boogie is not coordinated enough to do it himself. I traced the shapes and he scribbled on them. He tried tracing his hand, too, which we haven't done since Christmas. He has such a long memory and was so cute about it!

We practiced our "F" sound with his magnets.

We enjoyed his light box with some colored water.

We had a couple playdates.

Boogie and his cousin, "Munch", had fun playing with the kitchen. Munch (born in September 2010) is almost exactly a year younger than Boogie, by just a few days.

The next day, Munch came over again (my sister-in-law is pregnant and I love to take Munch off her hands from time-to-time so she can rest) and got to hang out with Boogie's best friend, "Clem." My dear friend "Pip" and I have known each other since 5th grade and have had almost weekly playdates with our kids for quite some time now. Boogie is 10 months older than Clem (born in August 2010) who is 10 months older than Bam Bam who will be 10 months older than "Tiny Feet" (due April 2012) who is currently residing in Pip's tummy :) Munch and Clem are a little over a month apart (Clem is older). Confused yet? The point is, we love having Munch over to play and we look forward to seeing Auntie Pip and Clem every week.

We played with chalk outside and drew shapes.

We used a Costco apple container to sort balls.

We made rice for our Valentine sensory bin. Boogie helped mix the Kool-Aid and food coloring in with the rice. He really enjoyed exploring the bin once I put it together, too.



We made Valentine play dough, too. Also with Kool-Aid and food coloring. Boogie thinks the V's are weirdly formed hearts.

We played with water beads for the first time. Boogie loves all things water and this was no exception. They are $2 a pack at Walmart, and make a ton! The texture is slimy and smooth, which is fun for Boogie (and everyone else who comes in the house!) to touch. They slip right out of his fingers and bounce off each other. I started with clear just to see what they were like. My only complaint is that some of them seem to be getting tiny dots of mold now, a week later. Is that normal?!

Boogie enjoyed wings and fries during the Super Bowl.

And here you can see Bam Bam's first tooth there on the bottom!

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  1. I've never had mold issues with water beads, but I've read that it is common. Ours last longer when I rinse them in a colander after each use and let them air dry. Our latest batch is almost a month old, and my boys play with them at least every other day. I'll probably have to throw them out this weekend, because they are getting smashed.

    Looks like you had a lot of fun this week. :)

  2. Looks like an awesome week!! Thanks for sharing with us! I love play dates too! I loved all of your nick names for everyone, and yes, I was thoroughly confused by all of their ages! Fun times though I am sure! I have never used water beads, where do you find those at Walmart, like what dept.? :)

    1. Hi Trina! Our Walmart has the water beads by the vases, flat marbles, Styrofoam for plants and all that kind of stuff.


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