Friday, March 9, 2012

Fave Five Friday- All things Mittens!

Well, it seems kind of crazy to still be doing mittens when the weather is so nice, daylight savings starts this weekend and spring starts in a couple weeks but there you have it. The focus of this week's Fave Five Friday is mittens since that is what Boogie explored this past week. Here are five activities that we will not get to because of time, lack of time/resources, or Boogie's age.

Disclaimer: I am not adding a "pin it" button to this page because these are NOT my ideas or creations and I am linking to posts, not pins. If you would like to pin these fabulous ideas, please make sure you click the link and pin them from the originating site! And you should go check out these awesome sites anyway :) 

Over at The Princess and the Tot, the clever mama created a simple craft for each letter of the alphabet, and a different one for uppercase and lowercase at that! I just love this M made out of mittens.

My Montessori Journey teaches counting with this adorable tray. The children use little foam mittens as counters. The rest of the tray is made up of a sorting tray, snowman place card holders and number cards. This is so clever and probably easy to make even though she got the place card holders at a thrift store. I am thinking styrofoam balls, skewer, and mini clothespin.

Creekside Learning combined a bunch of skills into one fun mitten activity. They colored and cut out mittens, punched holes in them, laced them together, colored animals, cut those out, then put the animals in the mitten while reading the story. You could engage a child in each step of the process and address fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, lacing) and reading comprehension along the way, all without leaving your house or spending a penny!

babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, oh my! let little ones create colorful mittens using construction paper, contact paper, and tissue paper. This is another activity where you probably have all those materials on hand if you regularly do projects with your kiddos. The only mess involved would be tissue paper pieces, but you don't have to deal with glue or paint or anything if that kind of mess bothers you. And you still get a really pretty finished product!

This post at Tons of Fun has tons of awesome mitten-themed ideas including this felt board game. The mom hid a snowball behind a mitten, said a little rhyme, and then her daughter had to find it. With a child older than Boogie, you could give hints like "I am hiding behind the color that starts with a ____", "I am hiding behind the mitten that is the same color as ____", or "I am hiding under the mitten that is under the {fill in with a color} mitten." I am sure there are tons of ways you could use this activity to practice listening and directions.

Looking for more mitten fun? Did you see our mitten tot trays and mitten muffin tin meal? You could also check out my winter/snow themed Pinterest board quick before it's spring :)


  1. Thank you for the feature!! I had so much fun making our alphabet book, and Super Tot loves making each of his own letters. Have a super spring!

    1. You're welcome! I look forward to Boogie doing the same kind of things when he is more interested and older :)

  2. Thanks for including my idea :)
    Jodie ~ Tons of Fun


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