Monday, March 26, 2012

Flowers Muffin Tin Meal

Since we have been having a lot of beautiful spring weather around here, I decided it was time for another muffin tin meal! And a blog post to let everyone know I am still here, even if it is not as often. Boogie has also been asking for a muffin tin meal, and Hubby Man asked if I was still going to do them even if I was cutting back from tot school. The answer is yes, so here is a very last minute flower-themed muffin tin meal to celebrate Spring. It is not my most inspired creation, but Boogie took at least two bites of everything and was happy to have a special lunch.

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I arranged apple slices in a kind of flowery shape. Boogie loves apples but only ate the required two.

Next to the apples there is apple sauce with a flower out of Craisins. Boogie ate most of this.

I used a banana for the center, then made a flower out of veggie straws. Boogie loves bananas and veggies straws, but surprisingly did not finish them. My mom, his cousin (Munch), and his friend "Nanna" (2 year old my mom watches) were here today so he was a bit distracted.

I made a flower out of bananas, which he ate all of, then finished the rest of the banana, too.

I added a weird Craisin flower (I did this one before the applesauce one, which I like better) to some blueberry Chobani. He used to LOVE blueberry Chobani. Not so much anymore. I don't understand his silly taste buds!

Last, I used one of our 101 Wilton cookie cutters to make him a flower peanut butter sandwich. He ate two petals. Stinker.

So our return to muffin tin meals this week was mostly successful, even if it looks kind of silly :) I am planning ahead for an Easter bunny themed meal next week. When I plan ahead, I usually have more new things for him to try and it generally looks nicer too. 

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  1. What a wonderful spring meal! How fun that he can figure out two.

    1. Thank you :) He does pretty well with counting actually! He just tends to skip three, and we think it's because we count to three when he is in trouble! How funny is that?


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