Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hungry Bunny Toddler Game

After being MIA most days recently, I am going to post a bunch of things in a row here, and then I probably won't have much new content again for a little while. I have been getting all of our Easter stuff together (the current plan is to switch things out with a monthly theme) and want to post it while it is relevant and useful.

Boogie is still in the dropping and dumping stage. He also is in a very nurturing stage where he loves on Bam Bam, loves on his cars and trucks, and especially loves on a few choice stuffed animals. Recently, it has been a tiny stuffed dog that he named after my BFF's dog. I thought that was so cute because usually his stuffed animals are just called "doggy" or "monkey" but this is the first one he has named himself. Yesterday, he brought it on to the couch, put the boppy on his lap, stuck the dog under his shirt, and told me he was feeding it! I managed to keep a straight face because he was so serious about it, and told him that was a good idea because the dog looked hungry. TOO CUTE!!

So, I decided to make him an Easter bunny to feed for one of his Easter trays. It is not cuddly, but I think we will have fun pretending it is hungry and feeding it "Easter kibble." It turned out so cute that I wanted to give it a post to itself, and tell you how to make it.

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* Parmesan cheese or sprinkles container (sprinkles containers tend to have white lids, which makes it easier)
* white foam
* pipe cleaner
* 2 white pom poms and 1 smaller pink pom pom
* 2 googly eyes
* white paper
* pink marker
* glue gun
* pastel poms poms for "Easter kibble"


Probably pretty self explanatory once you look at the materials, but just in case, here is what I did.

* Cut a piece of white paper to size and draw a pink oval for the tummy. Wrap it around the container and tape it
* Cut a semi-oval out of white foam based on the size of the lid you are using. I cut it slightly less wide. It should be an semi-oval and not a semi-circle because you want enough room for the face.
* Use the glue gun to attach the 2 white pom poms as the bunny cheeks, the pink pom pom as the nose in the center of the cheeks, and the googly eyes above.
* Cut out 2 white ears from the foam and draw pink ovals in the center. Use the glue fun to attach the ears behind the head. Foam is stiff enough that they should stand up fine.
* To get the head to stand up on top of the lid, I bent a pipe cleaner into a semi-oval shape and used hot glue to secure it standing up on the lid. I then spread hot glue all over the pipe cleaner semi-oval and stuck the bunny head on.

Easy peasy!

With Boogie, I put this on a tray and we will drop and dump the pom poms in the "mouth" to feed the bunny. I will probably try saying things like "The bunny really wants two pink kibbles" or "Let's count to five and give the bunny five blue kibbles." Grasping and counting the pom poms is good for his fine motor skills, as is opening and closing the different parts of the lid or taking the top off. And dropping and dumping is just fun :)

I adapted this idea from our "Feed the Frog" tray back when we did the letter F. That idea originally came from The Preschool Experiment.

If you want to see how we are celebrating the real meaning of Easter, check out the Resurrection Egg set I made Boogie, complete with extension activities to get him interested and moving.You could also read about Boogie's bunny muffin tin meal, or his Easter sensory bin with DIY nesting eggs.

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  1. This is so cute! What a fun game! I pinned this!

  2. So stinkin' cute! I know he will love it! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are well!

    1. Thank you, Trina! He has been enjoying it :) Even though the bunny has been "spitting up" quite a bit of pom poms. Guess what Bam Bam has been doing recently? :P

  3. what a fantastic way to work with counting and numbers. I bet he has so much fun.:)

    1. Thanks, Shiloh! He loves pom poms and has been getting into rabbits recently so this has been a successful activity so far.

  4. This is so cute. Great way to learn counting and colors. Trying to follow along but it's not working right now...I'll be back.

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  6. I really like this idea! Have you made any with other themes? Hmmmm....this one has me thinking maybe a monkey or bear or....:)

    Thanks for linking up to Teeny Tot Tuesday! That's where I found ya!

  7. Thanks for linking this post to fun frugal friday. It is a great post. I featured it this week. : )

  8. What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you will share with us again this week!

  9. What a cute game!! Such a fun Easter time activity =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF - see you tomorrow!

  10. I'm featuring this over on our blog today. Such a cute and simple activity idea for toddlers!

  11. So cute! Thanks for sharing this on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land..hope to see you again soon!

  12. What a fun idea! I'm pinning it too! Thanks for sharing at Teach Me Tuesday!!


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