Monday, March 12, 2012

Pasta Play for Toddlers or Babies

I saw this post on Playing House and immediately thought about how I could adapt it for my younger baby, as well as my older one. My solution was to make two bins- one with larger pasta and one with smaller pasta. Voila!

Boogie helped me mix some of the pasta in the bags. He really wanted to open them and thought I was a huge spoil sport for saying no.

If you do this at home, it will take a little while for the colors to really soak in. My Hubby-Man talked me out of adding more food coloring and I am glad he did because the colors turned out to be beautiful. 

I let it soak for a little over an hour, like Stephanie suggested, than put it in four separate pans to dry. 

Some of the manicotti in Bam Bam's bin cracked, and the colors are not entirely uniform in either bin but they are bright and the boys have been enjoying them so far today.  I think it is a great activity for just before St. Patrick's Day because you can tie it in with rainbows.

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  1. Awesomeness!! I really need to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rainbows are **always** popular at my house--seriously! I love how bright these turned out! I'm pinning this one too! Thanks for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday!

  3. There is something about colored pasta and rice that always makes me smile....yours turned out bright and beautiful! :)

  4. Your pasta is so bright and inviting, Sierra! Thanks so much for sharing your experience in making it. And thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  5. I love ho brightly colored your pasta turned out! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with Tuesday Tots!

  6. I'm putting up a post this week with pasta play that we've done at home I'm going to link up to this post if it's ok with you - can you e-mail me at rainydaymum[at]gmail[dot]com please to let me know if it's ok to link through

  7. those colors turned out brilliantly! your hubs was right!

  8. Just found this post of yours through train up a child. I just put up a post today using the large pasta shells in a sensory bin for my 8.5 month old. I should have colored this pasta! This is so pretty :) Following you now!


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