Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Trays

We went with very simple and green-colored for the trays this week. Boogie really focuses on some trays and never even interacts with the activities on others, so I tried to pick skills that he enjoys practicing. Mostly, these are fine motor rather than academic, which is very appropriate to his age. I get carried away sometimes with letters and numbers. He's not even two and a half yet for crying out loud!

This tray has a lot of fun features and is something new for us even though I have seen it on many blogs and all over Pinterest. Boogie can take out the golf tees (plain natural wooden ones dyed green with alcohol and food coloring! Who knew?!), hammer them into the Styrofoam, then balance green marbles on top. There is a lot of fine motor work and coordination going on here. We can also count the golf tees and marbles. He will probably dump and pour from the little plastic shamrock shot glasses, too.

This tray is for dumping, pouring, and spooning. I dyed rice green for Boogie. I wanted to use different materials for him. He has split peas in his sensory bin, pasta in his new pasta bin, and rice on his trays.

This tray was inspired by We Can Do All Things. I went with the number 4 because of four-leaf clovers, even though these only have 3 leaves. Boogie can use the tweezers to pick up the pom poms and put them on the dots. This tray is for counting, number recognition, and 1:1 correspondence. We can also count the total number of pom poms and put the shamrocks in numerical order.

This tray is for lacing or stringing green pasta onto sparkly green pipe cleaners. Very straight-forward but we haven't used pasta for this kind of work before. We can also count the pasta and the pipe cleaners.

This tray is the good old tried and true drop and dump. Boogie can put the green and green-striped straws into the Parmesan cheese container. We can also sort the straws by plain or striped. We can make patterns. We can count them by plain, striped, or total. He can also open and close the parts of the lid or take it off. He can put the straws one by one into the holes, or put them in several at a time into the larger opening or with the top off.

And, of course, our play dough tray is out, and you can check out how we are using our green play dough by reading this post.

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  1. The golf tees idea is brilliant--my boys are always hammering everything! I'd love to hand them something they feel productive with! Thanks for sharing at Teach Me Tuesday!

  2. I love these tray ideas! Thank you for sharing with Tuesday Tots! I have pinned to the Tuesday Tot board :)

  3. the golf tees in the styrofoam are so much fun! Bear loves this activity! some other great ones here too! thanks for linking up last week!


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