Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tot School- Dr. Seuss

** Boogie is 29 months old**

I am back on track! This was last week! Hooray!

Dr. Seuss week was one of my favorites. I had so much fun creating and planning and learning and reading with Boogie. We are definitely going to continue to have fun reading Dr. Seuss books now that he is interested in them. My mom read tons of Dr. Seuss books to us growing up, and whenever we were at my grandparents, which was often, my Poppy read them to us, too. I felt so blessed in my heart to hear my husband continue the tradition with our sons. 

Boogie enjoyed his trays this past week, especially the Truffula tufts and the green eggs.

Boogie did better this time with his tweezer/tong things, but still has trouble with the motion. We practiced matching the shades of green, shapes, letters, and numbers together. Boogie was not thrilled about this but humored me. He did some of them alone but mostly I guided him. Mostly he enjoyed "cracking" the eggs (tapping them two or three times on the tray like I do on the pan when I make him eggs. Such a copycat!) and letting the pom poms fall.


Exploring the different hats in the matching game. He did not get this at all. He just wanted to look at the cards.

He liked sticking the feathers in the hats but only did it once. He liked the feathers and told me they were soft. He understood the color matching concept because we do that kind of thing a lot.

The Truffula tray was fun when I took it out for him. I was like "LOOK BOOGIE! TRUFFULA TUFTS!!" Then I read the book to him. He was very upset about the trees falling down (I was reading in a very sad voice about it) and kept saying "Fix! Fix? Tape?!" His solution to broken things is always tape. He cracks me up. Such a sensitive little guy.

Helping the monkey practice his pincher grip?

Making a choo-choo out of the tufts. I definitely did the patterning for him.
Boogie enjoyed his Dr. Seuss muffin tin meal! And we had goldfish for a snack, using the placemat from obSEUSSed.

Boogie and the monkey used the dot marker page I made with white and red pom poms. Boogie understood it and put the red and white where they belonged for about three seconds then started throwing pom poms around.

Boogie also did the hat pattern activity with the popsicle sticks exactly once after I presented it to him. When he did it himself, I asked "Where does this red/white one go?" And he would put it somewhere than he would say either yes or no depending on if he put it on the right place or not. He did it once than said "Take away." And went on to do something else.

This was too cute. We read "Ten Apples Up On Top" and then I asked him if he wanted to balance an apple on his head. He ran to the fridge but I got him his fake apple instead and we had some gross motor fun walking around the room with an apple. He loved it when I would sit down, put it on my head, and stand up and walk around with it.

We did do some non-Seuss things, too.

Boogie helped me put away his Valentine sensory bin so I could put together his St. Patrick's Day one. Yes, I do store everything in diaper and wipe boxes (on shelves in our laundry room). If you have two or more kids in diapers, you can believe how many of these boxes we have in the house.

Boogie enjoyed his Melissa and Doug tool set.

Since we used about seventy billion tissues in February, I have been finding fun and useful ways to use tissue boxes. Like as shoes. 

We got new fish because we unfortunately cannot seem to keep them alive for very long. Boogie loves to say hello to them.  

In honor of March madness, I put up a little wipes lid basket ball hoop (the net is from a clementines bag, the ball is a ping pong ball) in the kitchen. Boogie loves ping pong balls and thinks this is fun. One more station to keep him happy and busy in the kitchen while I am cooking, cleaning up, or feeding Bam Bam his solids.

Another way to keep Boogie happy and busy while I am washing a million baby dishes- give him his own dishes to wash. He was so happy doing this! He washed dishes, made soup, ate soap, practiced dumping and pouring, and all his play dishes are now clean! Win-win!

This was something new. Boogie took all the tracks off the table and tried to make his own track. And then he enjoyed saying "oh no" and making crashing noises as the trains got to the end of the track and he pushed them off. "Thomas go kaboom" he tells me. Where do kids learn these things?! I mean, he watches "Thomas" sometimes, but they don't have an episode where Thomas meets a grisly end crashing off a bridge because the tracks end.

In Bam Bam news, even though I only have that one picture of him reading with the Hubby-Man up top, he has two teeth and by the steady stream of drool, I think we can expect another one soon. He is also clapping and periodically waving. He is sleeping better since I added a second solids meal. He loves to play with blocks and balls with his big brother and Boogie is always like "NO WAY" (that is literally what he says) and gets him a blanket or rattle instead. We are trying to explain to Boogie that some of the blocks and balls are the baby's, and Boogie needs to share some of his toys with the baby if he isn't playing with them, but it is a slow process. And some days definitely go better than others.

I am so happy to be all caught up with our tot schooling and hope that with cutting back on WOTT posts, I can keep up with sharing more of our tot school fun and pictures instead.

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  1. Looks like a great week! I love the picture of daddy reading to the boys. That is always treasured time in our house!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Brittney. Mondays are the hardest day of the week because Boogie wakes up asking "Dada downstairs?" Daddy/son bonding time is definitely special here, too!


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