Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black+ Treasure+ Rum = Pirate Play Dough!

Arrrrrghhhhh!!! Disney has conditioned me to think pirates when May is approaching, so that is our next theme. I knew I wanted to make black play dough with gold glitter (I don't know why it looks silver in the picture. It is definitely gold!) and then I had a stroke of genius and decided to add rum extract for scent! I hope that is not offensive to anyone, but pirates and rum are forever connected for me, just like pirates and May and it made me giggle and think "Why is the rum extract always gone?" while it was cooling :D

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Pretty cool, huh?! I love photographing our activities on white posterboard in our entryway. The natural lighting and white background makes everything look nicer!

 I used half our go-to recipe, added Wilton black food gel, which was from Boogie's 1st birthday and for some reason had turned blue?! So then I tried adding brown because I apparently never took any art classes ever and it turned green. Then I kept adding blue and it turned darker green. Then I packed up the boys, we ran to the store and got black food coloring and it finally turned black. Moral of the story- start with black food coloring! And also, don't trust food gels that have been in your pantry a year and a half. I added almost a full bottle of rum extract and my house smells quite decadent right now! After I cooked it and mixed it, I poured maybe a quarter of a container of gold glitter.

Another thing to note is that this does leave a color residue on the hands and slightly on the table. I am not sure if that is a factor of black food coloring in general, or if that is specifically because of all the tons of food coloring that went into this batch. My theory is that kids get messy playing with markers, and this washes off too.

I found this fun skull and crossbones cookie cutter in our Halloween stash. We will also use a letter P, a bone, and a flag. I don't have any pirate specific ones but I think these will do.

To see more of the themed play dough we have made, please see my play dough page and feel free to link up your own ideas!

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  1. looks great Sierra. were you surprised by how much glitter you need. we made some a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to eat the glitter, i had to use about three times what I thought i'd need.

  2. Cool!!! I found you on Pinterest. My twin boys and I are planning a pirate party for their 8th birthday and this will be sooo cool as party gifts!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I think my kids would LOVE it! Stopping by from the Show & Tell Blog Hop! -PlayDrMom (

  4. That looks like fun. I've been wondering how to make black play dough. I'm pinning this to my Play Dough Bling board!

  5. I have got to know where you got that skull and crossbones cookie cutter. My son would love this playdoh, but I think he would love a skull and crossbones pb&j in his lunch pail even better!!! Any ideas???

  6. "Why is the rum gone?"
    "Because it is a vile drink..."
    That was an awesome show...if only the others were as good, lol!
    I LOVE the black play dough and I'm sure my daughter would love the sparkles in it too. I'm pretty sure my 7th grade art teacher never told me that blue + brown = green, lol!
    Thanks for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday, too!!

  7. Oh how fun! I will keep this in mind if we do a pirate theme!

  8. What fun ... LOVE your idea for playdough, Sierra! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned it to my Playdough and Craft Recipes board at

  9. that's so fun! i love scented playdough! thanks so much for linking this up!

  10. Such fun :-)

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  11. This is sooo cool Sierra!!! My boys love pirates. They would get a kick out of this. BTW I cracked up at the "Why is all the rum extract gone?" comment. The other day on FB a friend posted something about drinking the last of the rum as her status, and I put, "But WHY is all the rum gone?" She was like, "Um, because I drank it?" LOL. She did not get it.

  12. Something fun you could do as an extension?

    My kids have always loved it when I would hide "treasure" in their old, brown, mixed up play doh. You could add different colored rocks & "gems" and even make like an "eye spy" card for them to identify the objects that you mix into the "burried treasure"... maybe let them play with the cookie cutters a few times then add in the treasure hunt! =) Have fun playing too, mama!

  13. I put stuff like small erasers, dice, gemstones & even pennies or dimes... lol, just any little nick-knack, they are fascinated to find in the "treasure hunt"!! I love the black w/ gold "dust" tooo fun =)


  14. I have bookmarked you, hopefully you keep posting new stuff, many thanks

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