Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bunny Muffin Tin Meal

We are a day late this week with having our muffin tin meal because we had a super fun playdate yesterday with a friend I have had since first grade and her 7 month old daughter. Boogie wanted to snuggle her the whole time and she and Bam Bam were climbing all over each other. It was adorable!

This week, I thought about our meal more, and decided to do a bunny theme. This also includes carrots, of course :)

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I picked out the skinniest carrots from the bag for Boogie to munch on. He did eat two whole ones, actually, so that was good.

I used one of our 101 Wilton cookie cutter to shape a slice of wheat bread into a cute little bunny. I made it pink with strawberry cream cheese. Boogie took 3 small bites because I bribed him with what's in the next cup.

I used spinach "veggie french fries" as Boogie calls them for grass and put two little marshmallow bunnies in the little spinach-y field. Boogie loved making them hide and hop out. He finished everything in this cup, then got an extra bunny for eating an extra bite of the cream cheese bunny.

I found bunny and carrot macaroni and cheese, which Boogie was thrilled about and ate all of it. He will have some for lunch over the next couple days.

I made these carrot cake cupcakes and they really did turn out incredibly fluffy and delicious. I only had baby carrots and it took about a billion to get 3 cups shredded, but my fingers survived. I used my own cream cheese icing recipe to make the orange and green frosting for the carrot on top. We are trying to not over-sugar Boogie, but I thought it needed a carrot.  Boogie licked all the icing off first, then finished the muffin.

I also found assorted bunny crackers (honey, chocolate chip, and chocolate) that Boogie has been snacking on for the past couple days. He finished this cup, too.

Where did I find all these wonderful bunny shaped treats?

The crackers and macaroni came from Target. The marshmallows were at Shop Rite, but you can probably find them anywhere. Annie's also has organic fruit snacks that are shaped like rabbits, or cheddar crackers if you want a healthier option than the sweet ones.

Besides our muffin tin meal, we are celebrating Easter with DIY Resurrection Eggs and activities, a hungry bunny game on our Easter trays, and an Easter sensory bin with DIY nesting eggs

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