Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Water Play

The title doesn't quite capture the fun, but "Food coloring, plastic Easter eggs, silicone muffin cups, a rubber rabbit and water" seemed a bit lengthy!

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I had a dishwasher full of semi-clean dishes (don't even get me started on my pathetic dishwasher) and a sink incredibly full of dirty dishes, so it was time to break out some water fun! I gathered a few Easter-y materials, and gave most to Boogie and a couple to Bam Bam in his high chair. I put out a big blanket by the sink, put the boys on it, and let them get busy so I could get busy, too.

Boogie loved dumping out the colored water and watching the tub change colors. I put a little bit of food coloring in some water for Bam Bam so he would see that there was something on his tray, and as you can see, he LOVED it! This was the first time he has played with water outside of his bath and it was a hit! Boogie enjoyed playing with his own water and "helping" his brother, too. Once Bam Bam realized he could splash and spread the water around, he and my kitchen floor both got a pretty thorough cleaning.

This was great sensory play for both boys. Bam Bam really enjoyed the texture of the silicone muffin cups. Boogie gave the rabbit a bath, told me it was poopy, then ran to get a towel and his bulldozer. Not sure how the bulldozer fit in, but it pretty much always does.

I got my dishwasher unloaded and most of my dishes clean while they played happily at my feet. Success :)

On a side note, I have been having a really rough few weeks, but today, on Good Friday, a song lyric has been running through my head: "It may seem like Friday night, but Sunday's on the way." This too shall pass. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend!


  1. Good thinking mommy! They had fun and you were productive. I find it hard to get myself motivated to wash dishes...or laundry...:-)lol

  2. Oh Sweet Sierra, so much about this post touched me. I love your creativity, your honesty and vulnerability with your readers, and your heart. Hang in there! Just like you said, I too have heard a song that says, "But Sunday's a comin'!" May your Easter weekend with your precious family be so blessed!


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