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Lesson Learned- Mama of Many Blessings

Another week has come and gone, so it is time for another Lesson Learned! This week, Nicole, from Mama of Many Blessings, is sharing with us. When I was posting my WOTT link party weekly, Nicole's fabulous posts were often the most clicked. Nicole's kids span from age 2 to age 13, so she has something for everyone. She often share amazing hands-on science ideas, as well as creative Montessori trays, sensory bins, videos, and holiday activities. Not only can she relate to most of us as far as understanding where we are with our childrens' ages because she has children learning at 6 different levels, but she also understands the struggles and successes of parents who are raising children with special needs. I am sure you can find something fun for your family on her blog if you take time to stop by after reading her post.

I was so honored when Sierra asked me to guest post for her Lesson Learned series. I have been following the series and really enjoying listening to other moms telling their stories about life not going how we planned. Unfortunately our blog world isn't filled with much of real life occurrences, we just edit out most of the bad stuff. Hopefully this series will encourage others to be more honest and open to the mistakes all of us make. 

I am Nicole a daughter of christ, homeschool mama to 6 blessings (5 boys 1 girl) and best friend to my amazing husband of 13 years! I blog over at Mama Of Many Blessings about our homeschool/life journey, Arts and craft projects, hands on learning, and everything else life throws at us!

Here is a picture of our family, last year at the local nature center (one of our favorite places to spend the day)

When I thought of writing for this series I had a hard time deciding which lesson learned I wanted to share, after all life with 6 kids (3 of which are special needs) teaches us SO many lessons, we have learned and grown so much along this journey called parenting. 

My biggest lesson learned as a parent and a teacher for that matter, has been my 5th blessing for sure! He has been my 1 child that gave me no choice but to rethink the way I parented our children, which is kind of funny because you would think that by the time you got to baby #5 you have most of the parenting thing figured out, well how wrong I was! From the day he was born he has never taken naps, he has always been a very high demanding child, he used to eat anything that could go into his mouth (including non food items) he had no sense of pain or sense of fear, would do many things beyond what even an active boy would do, and it was a nightmare trying to bring him anywhere for almost 4 years. There were so many times I wondered what would happen to our family through this journey, would I have enough left after everything he needed to take care of my other children, or even at times if I had enough in me to get through it all. As I look back on our journey I see now that we could have never done it all without all the help of our heavenly father and the help we received from the many specialist (speech, OT, PT, neuro-psycologist, primary care, and many other doctors)  that helped get him off to the best start that he could possibly get! 

What I have learned from this lesson? A LOT :)

#1 How to constantly rely on God to give us strength to get through everything. He is so very faithful if we learn to rely and put our trust him, he gives us all we need to get through everything... as long as we ask!

#2 How to really trust your instincts as a parent that God gives us parents, if you feel there isn't something right follow that instinct, no matter what anyone says to you. 

#3 Getting help earlier for your child is sooo much better than waiting, the results in the end will be so much greater. As children age their brains are not as easy to change into something different then what they have already learned.

#4 How to find the positive in every situation. Even the horrible situations we go through in life are for a reason, even if we don't understand it right away, and we wouldn't be the people we become without going through the trials we continuously go through in life!

#5 I have learned to pick and choose my battles as a parent a lot more, the ones I do pick, I try to give different ways for them to choose to accomplish what needs done. Because what does it really matter how they get it done as long as it is done, letting kids choose makes them feel more in control.

#6 How to stay calm even when there are many crazy things going on at once. As soon as kids see you don't have things under control they begin to take over :)

#7 How to be an advocate for a special needs child with doctors, therapists, and schools. Also how to make IEP's and all that is involved in that whole process.

#8 How to research things on my own when doctors don't listen to you. How to find help for your children and even how to diagnose your children often even before doctors can :)

We have a long way ahead of us, but we have already come further faster than I could have ever expected, and I wouldn't change it for the world!I hope you have enjoyed my "lesson learned" and have a wonderful week!

Stop by Mama Of Many Blessings some time to see what we are up to!


If you would like to participate in this series (running on Sundays), please email me at hisforhomeschooling {at} gmail {dot} com! 

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