Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Build a Face Blocks

Here is another great, easy idea for your baby or toddler. I am using it specifically for travel, because it is smallish and portable. It will be great for my 14 month old because a) he just figured out blocks  b) he is obsessed with pointing out and hearing the words for parts of the face c) we can identify and name the 4 of us. It will also be great for my 34 month old because a) he will get a huge kick out of mixing up our faces b) we can reinforce the Chinese words for the parts of the face, which he has mastered recently c) we can reinforce the concept of top, middle, and bottom d) he can practice following instructions (ie- can you put mommy's eyes on daddy's nose and your mouth). This is so much more than just building with blocks!

I got the idea from a feature on U Create but the blog that it was originally posted on was A Couple of Craft Addicts and she got the idea from Disney Family Fun Magazine. With all those sites linked properly, though, I tweaked the idea by just using 3 blocks and the parts of the face rather than full body shots. To be a hundred percent honest, I was pretty sure Hubby Man does not ever want to see himself with boobs :P But also, like I said above, both boys are learning about the face right now in different ways, so it made a lot more sense for our family to do it this way. I do think it could be a lot of fun to dress your family members up in either crazy outfits, costumes, or their favorite outfits to do this. Or, if you are going to do faces, to do silly faces instead of normal smiling faces. The possibilities are really endless!

The only changes I made to the actual project was to laminate the pictures and use double sided tape rather than Mod Podge. I have one hardcore teether and one end-of-the-road (FINALLY) teether, and I want the pictures to survive. Also, the tape allows the pictures to come off easily and be replaced with more recent pictures and the blocks can be used as blocks again when we aren't traveling.

Go to A Couple of Craft Addicts for a full tutorial if you would like one :)

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  1. I'm a recent follower of your blog, and I've added it to my list blog cause I find it fabolous !!!

    Thanks for sharing and blessings !

  2. this is so cute! i love how versatile it could be based on what you put on it... faces, animals, whatever. pinned to 2 boards :)

  3. This is adorable, and such a great activity! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I have been wanting to do this for the longest time and just never get to it! Yours came out AMAZING! What a fun ideas for tots & preschoolers =-) Thanks for linking up at TGIF! I featured it this week: I hope you'll come by and link up again this week =-)

  5. I love this idea of using the blocks - we did a similar thing with just cut out faces from magazines!


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