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Dinosaur Birthday Party for Bam Bam!

Hello friends! It has been awhile since I posted, so I wanted to share all the fun things we did for Bam Bam's first birthday back in June. This post could have a subtitle that reads "One of the Reasons I love Pinterest." I found so many great ideas, and they all came together pretty well. Without further ado...

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Because his nickname is Bam Bam, we went with a dino theme :)

Each child received a goody bucket which included a bucket and shovel (Dollar Tree), an extra shovel set with 3 shovels (Dollar Tree), a plastic egg with a small dinosaur inside (Eggs bought on clearance after Easter. Dinosaurs bought on clearance after Halloween), a pack of dino fruit snacks (Shop Rite), and a set of 4 homemade dinosaur crayons. I tried to enlist Boogie's aid in filling the buckets, but he was more interested in trying to open the fruit snacks when he thought I wasn't looking. Here's a clue, Boogie. I'm almost always looking! :P We also used the buckets to decorate the stairs and it looked pretty bright and fun. In case the sight of all those buckets makes you wonder if we're crazy, my hubby and I have 11 nieces and nephews so the whole "invite one more child than the age of your child" thing doesn't really work for us!

I made "Dino Dig Pudding", which was just sand pudding with some dino gummies inside. I got the recipe from at Ma Nouvelle Mode and it is delicious! As I mentioned with the goody buckets, the dino gummies are generic at Shop Rite. I think they were on sale for something random like $2.17 a box. I used a whole box (6 packages) in the pudding because I used at least one bag per layer of the sand/pudding mixture. As you can see, Boogie got involved with helping me smash the cookies.

This was definitely the biggest talking point of the party. Everyone loved the "Dino Fruit Salad", which I discovered on the National Watermelon Promotion Board website of all places. I used one of our tiny Jack 'O Lantern carving knives and it was super easy to carve out the mouth!

I love how these crayons for the goody bucket turned out. I used the instructions from Makes and Takes and used the mold we found here on Amazon. It took a little more than one full crayon for each dino, so they are not very big, but they looked so cute in the bags. I would suggest using good crayons for these because I just used a whole bunch of RoseArt ones I had leftover from teaching. You have to really press the poor dinos down to make marks, Boogie and I discovered after the party. 

The past two years I have enlisted either a friend or an etsy shop to make a tee-shirt for Boogie on his birthday. For Bam Bam's birthday, I decided to use the tutorials for applique shirts I found on Sew Like My Mom and A Spotted Pony to attempt making each of the boys a special party shirt myself. The shirts turned out better than I even could have hoped for...except for the fact that I used the no-sew heat bond stuff and the edges started to come up by the end of the party. My sewing machine is not working right now (Stupid incorrectly wound bobbin. Have to have my Supermom fix it), but if I make shirts for my boys for Boogie's party in October (stay tuned for all the 3rd birthday construction party fun), I will sew around the edges instead, I think.

We used the Wilton dinosaur mold for the cake. I love that they sell so many awesome molds but I have a ton of trouble getting the cake to come out cleanly and with all the lines where they belong. Which is why the dinosaur outline is so pathetic. The head turned out the best, and my Hubby Man is the one responsible for that awesomeness. 

Based on all the great ideas I have seen for small world play, I repurposed the train table for the day, and made it into a dinosaur small world. I covered the table with some extra green table cloth we had. I made a salt dough volcano. We bought some dinosaurs that were big enough not to be choking hazards for Bam Bam and the other mouthers. Then, I made trees out of toilet paper tube trunks and green yarn tops based on the pom pom tutorial at Counting Coconuts. I set it up for Boogie the day before the party, and his favorite part was to drive his bulldozer on the table and knock over the trees. This comes from the last page of his rainforest book, which talks about how it is a BAD thing that trucks knock down the rainforest. It is Boogie's favorite page because there are trucks. Guess he's not going to be an environmentalist any time soon!

Now that I've shared the "stuff" of the party, I want to share some pictures of my beautiful boys having a wonderful time, if you don't mind :)

Bam Bam playing with the balloons on the morning of his birthday, before we decorated.

Boogie absolutely hysterically laughing at a balloon game that one of his aunties made up to play with him. I don't know who was laughing harder, Boogie or everyone watching Boogie laugh!

Bam Bam absolutely thrilled to pieces with his cake.

My boys loving each other and being happy together.

It was such a blessed day! And so hard to believe Bam Bam is one year old already.

I am already pinning away for Boogie's birthday, which is just two months away as of today!

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