Saturday, August 4, 2012

DIY Lego Travel Box

We are getting ready for our looooooong plane trip to Taiwan in the fall to visit my Hubby Man's family. I am going crazy preparing for the plane ride (especially because Bam Bam was very restless on the way to San Diego) and the 3 weeks there where the boys will need toys/entertainment.

I saw the idea for a travel Lego box on Finley and Oliver and knew we had to make one for Boogie. I knew I wasn't going to use a cheese box or cigar box, but thought I could probably find a cheap, durable, tightly-sealing plastic storage container, and that is exactly what I did. Boogie has only ever played with Mega Blocks and a few Duplos, but those are definitely too big for a trip like this. We decided that at almost three years old, it was time for his first set of legos.

We made a special trip to the local Lego store after dinner tonight, and collected a container full of loose pieces. We specifically stuck to bricks that were 4 blocks or larger. We wanted to set him up for success. This is also the reason we did not buy a packaged set. So many of the pieces are small or hard to manipulate. We are all about fine motor skills, as you know if you read my blog at all, but we do not want Boogie to get frustrated with dropping tiny pieces or being unable to separate flat pieces that get stuck. With all that said, we spent $14.99 on the large container of Legos that we could choose for ourselves, that comfortable filled the box, as opposed to spending a comparable price for a similar amount of Legos, with a lot of pieces he can't use until he's older. I think it was the most financially sensible way to expose him to this awesome toy for the first time.

Here is Boogie's Lego box!

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*box with a good lid (more on the one I used below)
* Legos to fill the box
* flat Lego building plate
* Exacto knife
* Strong glue (I used super glue but it didn't hold so I used hot glue instead)
* fine permanent marker to mark the underside
* ruler
* sandpaper for any rough edges

 And that's all! I have also heard people say regular scissors will work to cut the flat piece to size. The girl at the store suggested an Exacto knife.


* Measure for the size of flat plate you want on the lid. Use the ruler and marker so you don't forget the exact size you need.
* Trace with the Exacto knife or use scissors on the line you made.
* Sand any rough edges with sandpaper and round the corners as needed
* Use adhesive on the underside of the plate or on the top of the lid everywhere that the plate will touch the lid. Press the plate down and make sure it sticks to the lid firmly. Reapply adhesive as needed.
*Let the adhesive dry.
*Fill the box with Legos and have fun!

It is so easy!

With all that said, we spent $14.99 on the Legos, $4.99 on the piece for the lid, and $2.99 on the container. If you already have Legos and a flat piece to build on, you will only have to spend the money on the storage container! I chose a long, flatish box so that it would be good for on-the-go use. I plan on keeping this as a special travel toy only for cars, planes, restaurants, doctors offices, and the like. I wanted it to be easy to pack and store.

In case you want to know exactly what box I got...

And here are some pictures to give you an idea of the size. 

It is as long as a pipe cleaner, and as tall as 5 blu-rays.Very compact but definitely enough bricks for Boogie to make all kinds of things.

Can't wait to see what my little boy will create!

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  1. First of all, how wonderful that you are travelling to Taiwan. It will be such a learning opportunity. My mother lives in Australia so as a young child I recall those transatlantic flights, I have also taken both my daughters on long flights and preparation is key ! your Lego box turned out great, the green base is a good size -not too small and I am sure he will enjoy it! Maybe you want to have some Lego figures /people in your purse as a surprise in case there is an unexpected delay. Safe travels, I look forward to reading about your trip.


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