Monday, August 20, 2012

{FREEBIES} A is for Apple/Airplane dot marker pages

My house is a mess again, but we are back to doing school stuff from time to time and I want to post a page I made for Boogie in case any of you are starting letter of the week fun soon.

Every morning when Boogie wakes up, he asks for school work now. Usually Bam Bam is taking his morning nap at that point, so Boogie and I eat breakfast and then while he is eating as slow as molasses in the dead of winter in the middle of the night in Antarctica, I get an activity or two ready for him to do at the table. He is LOVING learning his letters right now and I am so excited! We have been focusing mostly on A very slowly for a couple weeks, but this week I started practicing his name with him too. We are just doing an activity here and there so I can kind of feel out what he likes and doesn't like. Almost everything I put in front of him, he is doing with a vengeance. He can do clothespins like a champ now, and letter matching is a breeze for him, so my focus is letter recognition. He recognizes A, H, O and R. Sometimes he recognizes S as well. So, I am just going to keep going at it very slowly, and continue to focus on A and the letters of his name for games/activities/worksheets, and the whole alphabet as a group for matching. If that makes sense.

I made him a letter A sensory bin a couple weeks ago, and the main things I have in there are apples, acorns, and a couple alligators, as well as lots of different kinds of As, so those are the items we are using for most of our worksheets, as opposed to astronauts (which he isn't really into at this point) or ants. There were airplanes in there, too, but those didn't stay in very long. Since our trip to San Diego in June, Boogie has been obsessed with airplanes. With that in mind, I made him "A is for apples" and "A is for airplanes" dot pages because he perfectly nailed a dot marker page yesterday, and I thought this would mix it up a bit for him.

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I printed the file out in black and white, so I didn't mind the funny pink marks on the apple page. Those came from using a clipart image and changing the brightness/contrast until it was more like a coloring book image. Just click on either of the images above to download the page(s) for your child.

I hope to continue making a dot marker alphabet using transportation if I can find the clip art to do it, and if Boogie stays interested, so if you have a vehicle-loving child in your house, who also likes dot markers, keep an eye out.

Hope everyone is enjoying August and having fun planning for a new school year, like I am!

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