Sunday, September 2, 2012

7 Imperfect Days (Week of Aug 27)

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I feel like I am grumbling, either out loud or in my heart, a lot lately. I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to go to Taiwan, but I am frazzled and the everyday things are getting away from me. I am blogging pretty regularly again partly as an escape from all the responsibilities of being a full-time SAHM (mom, wife, housekeeper, accountant, secretary, cook...etc) that are feeling like more of a burden than a blessing right now. I don't want to just get by. I want to enjoy each blessed moment of each blessed day. To try and do this, to look back on the day and remember the treasures rather than the trials, I am taking a few moments at the end of each day and writing at least one good/funny thing that I want to remember about each of my fellas. It is a daily gratitude list. And it helps.


Hubby-Man remembered, even after a long day of work, even after we had already run 3 errands and were on our way to the fourth, that I hadn't had dinner yet, and offered to drive-thru at McDs so I could get something. He also suggested that I could blog more easily with some kind of dictation software, which he would look into. I don't know that I would use it, or should use it since my problem is that it is sometimes TOO easy to drop everything and blog, but the fact that he wants to support me in my creative outlets means a lot.

Boogie learned "May I please be excused?" last week. He remembered to say it when we were at my grandma's house. She exclaimed, "Holy moly, what a gentleman!"

Bam Bam blows whenever we walk past the fan in the hall between the boy's room. I love all the new ways he finds to make sense of the world.

Bam Bam wore his new shoes to walk to the tot lot in our development. His first walk! He walked inbetween Boogie and I. He sat on Boogie's lap to go down the slide, too.

Boogie was so excited to hold Bam Bam's hand for our walk. He did not want to hold my hand at all, he wanted to help his brother.

Hubby-Man worked late, but picked up food so I could leave as soon as he walked in the door for my girl's night out with my sister-in-law and 2 girlfriends. Yes, I get a girl's night out, often once a week. Even if the house is a mess (which it is) and there are dishes in the sink (which there are) and the boys aren't bathed (which they aren't). Also, he played catch with Boogie in our room while I nursed Bam Bam in theirs and Boogie loved the quality time.


Hubby-Man took out the garbage before work.

Boogie took the bag of mini muffins out of the fridge and asked my mom (Gudge) and I "Would you like one?" so sweetly. He gave one to Bam Bam before himself. He talked about playing catch with his dada all day today!

Bam Bam and I were in the car driving my grandma (Gum) home and he realized Boogie wasn't in the car. He said the word that we have been assuming is how he says Boogie's name. I asked, "Are you saying [Boogie]?" And he goes, "Yeah!"


Boogie was trying to do "I love you" in sign language when I walked into his room this morning. Precious. He also was having a great time at the train table. "Gordon! I need help with these freight cars! Them are too heavy please!"

I asked Bam Bam where Boogie was and he pointed. He also will fold his hands when you tell him to fold his hand and pray and he tries to say Amen.

Hubby-Man got home from work early so I could run an errand. We had our fantasy football draft and he was really excited to get Peyton Manning.


Boogie says cute things all day long. "I think my birthday is coming up, Mama. And I will blow out the candle and sing happy birthday to Boogie." He is also full of mischief and used a double negative on his dada today. Hubby Man told him to say "I will not push my brother" several times and every time Boogie say "I will not not push my brother." Stinker!! We have been doing popcorn prayers throughout the day, and he loves asking me to pray for the cars when we drive.

Bam Bam loves popcorn prayers, too. He goes "eh eh eh!" whenever we finish and folds his hands to do it again. He also pretends his hands, his food, and everything is a car and goes "vrrrrrmmmmm" on everything, including me.

Hubby Man got home from work early again today so I could run more errands. We had fun looking at his new tablet and looking over my purchases from the new craft store.


The boys woke up late. We had lunch about an hour after a light breakfast. Boogie goes, "We not eat lunch. We almost eat breakfast!"

Bam Bam points to his toes when you ask where they are.

Hubby Man bought his own clothes for Taiwan during the boy's nap, which was really helpful! We watched our college football team win today, too.I made an epic fail meal and he didn't complain at all. He was really encouraging that I tried something different.


Bam Bam knows his ear. He lays his head on our chests or shoulders when we say "snuggle."

Boogie was playing with potato heads and said "Does the mama need a mustache?" Cracked us up! Then, he turned the mouth upside down and said "The mama is sad." When I asked why, he said, "Cuz it misses the dada." When I brought the dada over, he turned the mouth back around. That seems advanced to me! He also was enjoying snuggling with us on the floor in the playroom.

Hubby Man and I packed for Taiwan together.

That's all for this week! I am feeling better already :) God is good!


  1. Precious post!!! I love it!! I love that you are escaping to blog more! I too enjoy it as my creative outlet when possible! I hear your attitude of gratitude here. Thanks for sharing!
    God's Blessings to you,

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