Friday, October 5, 2012

Where's the Truck? A Letter Learning Game for Kids Who Love Construction

We have lots of construction cones leftover from Boogie's 2nd birthday party, which had a Cars theme. His party was very racetrack-centric because that was cheaper than going full on Disney. Thankfully, he wanted a construction themed party this year, so we are re-using the cones. As I got all the cones out for his party this weekend, Boogie started hiding things under the cones. I immediately remembered this post from Sprinkles to Kindergarten. She puts sight words on cups, then hides a bear under one of the cups and the children practice reading words to help her find the bear. I realized I could use this idea and practice letters with Boogie by writing some letters on post-its and sticking them on a few on the cones.

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The game is simple. I told Boogie to close his eyes. I hid a truck under one of the cones with a letter on it. He opened his eyes. I told him to put on his listening ears. This has a dual purpose. He cups his ears with his hands so he is both listening, and his hands are engaged so he isn't just flipping over all the cones. While he is doing his listening ears, I tell him "The truck is under the letter ___." He then looks at the letters and lifts up the cone with that letter written on it. Except when he lifts up a different cone :P When he lifts up the wrong one, I tell him, "That is the letter ___. Look again. Do you remember what {the correct letter} looks like?" Sometimes I will give him a hint, or sometimes he remembers. Or sometimes he just keeps turning cones over until he finds the truck.

We didn't play it for very long because he decided he wanted to hide all his trucks under all the cones after a few rounds. But he got some literacy learning in before his attention wandered. And I found a fast way to combine his favorite toys with letter practice. We played with "a", "b", "c" and the letters of his name. This took me about 5 seconds to put together and didn't cost a cent :) You better believe we will play this simple game again!

I can't remember where we got the cones from because I don't think they sell them in packs anymore. I have seen colored cones at the dollar store, but not necessarily orange. You could also use cups and any kind of toy or object that your child likes. The point is to make letter (or sight word) recognition fun and to incorporate it into their play. What kid doesn't love a good hiding game?

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  1. love it! and i know that Bear would love it too! would you want to link this up to my party today?

    1. Thanks, Andie :) I linked up. Hope you are all doing well <3

  2. Where did you get the little cones? Super cute!!

  3. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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  4. Love this Letter Learning Game for Kids Who Love Construction. In fact it would be a great party theme for our son’s birthday bash and I would like to use this game idea in this bash. We are going to host this party at some local outdoor San Francisco event venues for that.


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