Thursday, August 22, 2013

Update! Baby # 3 and Calm Down Lotion

Hi All!

I have missed blogging but just don't have the time right now. I hope to make time to let you know, maybe very briefly, what Boogie and Bam Bam are doing for preschool/tot school in September.

I wanted to share two quick things before I put the baby down and nap.

1- We welcomed Baby Boy # 3 to our family on July 19th. He is beautiful and amazing and he doesn't have a real nickname yet, so I will keep you posted on that :)

Baby 3 at 1 day old. So stinking cute, if I do say so myself :)

Baby 3 at one month old. Such a charmer and snugglebug!

My 3 boys the day baby came home <3
So, that is why things have been quiet here for awhile. Not quiet in real life, but in blog land :)

2- Speaking of not quiet in real life, here is my latest invention.

I saw a similar idea on Love Teaching Kids yesterday, and made a few adjustments.

This is a jar of cetaphil, not scented, because we have sensitive skin and allergies in this family. I stripped the label (easy actually, thank you, cetaphil!), stickered it up, and waited about 2 seconds for a meltdown. Haha, okay, it was a lot longer than that. Both boys are obviously still adjusting to the baby, so I knew it wouldn't go unused today.

When Bam Bam lost it about something, I asked if he wanted some calm down lotion. Instant quiet. "Yeah..." he said, cautious and curious. I sat down next to him on the floor where he had dramatically dropped and massaged the lotion into his feet, counting his toes and tickling him as we went. Boogie and I made up a song to the tune of Barney's clean-up song that you might want to use while you rub in the lotion. "Calm down, calm down, everybody for awhile. Calm down, calm down, turn that frown into a smile."

The beauty of this is that I don't raise my voice or stay frustrated because how could I with such a cute pudgy little body wiggling and giggling as I tickle him? It calms everyone down and turns the mood positive, emphasizing snuggles and closeness instead of a negative consequence. I think there is a time and place for other types of consequences, and we use other methods as well, but right now my boys are clamoring for my attention and this is exactly right for us for many problems during the day.

Okay, going to try to put the baby down (again) and nap myself before the bigger boys get up.

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