Collaborative Pinboards

Here is a list of collaborative pinboards that I participate in.

Get Kids Moving- Large motor movement and gross motor activities and more, for brain development in children, and for fun! Hosted by Lisa.

Learning With Literature- A collaborative Pinterest board full of ideas on how to learn from wonderful childrens' books. Crafts, projects, activities and much more based on popular children's literature with our pre-K to 4th grade kiddos. Hosted by Julie from Creekside Learning 

Montessori- Inspired Activities and Ideas-  This is a collaborative board for sharing Montessori-inspired activity trays, Montessori lessons and techniques, DIY Montessori-inspired materials, and posts about Montessori principles. Hosted by Deb from Living Montessori Now.

Tips 4 Parents- Tips, advice, stories, helpful information, and humor... BY MOMS FOR MOMS on dealing with tantrums, toilet training, behavior problems, bedtime issues, communication... and the challenges of BEING a mom! {Contributors to the board: You can include YOUR OWN blog posts too, please!} Hosted by Lisa.

DIY Montessori Activities- A collaborative board for making your own Montessori lessons and activities at home or in the classroom with these DIY pins! Bookmark us and come back often! Hosted by Lisa

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