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If you would like to partner with H is for Homeschooling, I would be happy to review a product, sponsor a giveaway, and/or provide ad space on my site.

As the mom to a two year old and a seven month old, I am always on the lookout for great children's products including (but not limited to) toys, games, music, books, furniture, movies, and learning activities. As an English major and former English teacher, I can promise that my grammar will be mostly correct and that my vocabulary will be better than my grammar :) If you have a child-friendly product that is appropriate for infants and toddlers, I would be happy to review it. In my review, I will provide an honest and thorough opinion of your product, including pictures of my son or sons enjoying it. I will only review products that I can honestly recommend to my readers. 

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Please contact me for more information!
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  1. I am going to try this reply again! I was recently given the Versatile Blogger Award, and am responsible to pass it on to other blogs I like. I picked yours as one. I hope you will accept it. The rules for acceptance are here at Hope you'll accept and play along!


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